Tag: Advertising

  • Facebook Filth

    IF you have spent any time on face book you cannot miss the Tons of advertising that is incorporated in many different parts of the website and for good reason, Facebook earns Billions of dollars in revenue from that advertising… But along with the mostly good content at Facebook there are a few Rotten Apples… […]

  • News you may never hear?

    What is going on in the Popular or Unpopular News media should really be classified as subversive behavior even being a traitor, to the constitution and the People, yet the media with impunity publish or refuse to publish what they want, they do the people a great dis service. The media make a lot of […]

  • class warfare the media and bias reporting

    What happened to the days of real reporting free of bias? To tell you the truth I cannot remember when I last saw real reporting designed to bring the news to the consumer of the news. Why are the media so invested in developing a bias that creates consumer back lash because when you look […]

  • AOL Biased by liberals

    Is AOL now a biased news company as it is suggested by the headline reported below on fox business new? Some Advertisers Are Already Freaking Out About AOL’s New “Liberal” Bias I think the answer to that question is perhaps not to be found on a website or even on AOL but in their quarterly […]