AOL Biased by liberals

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Is AOL now a biased news company as it is suggested by the headline reported below on fox business new?

Some Advertisers Are Already Freaking Out About AOL’s New “Liberal” Bias

I think the answer to that question is perhaps not to be found on a website or even on AOL but in their quarterly financial statement, which will tell the true tale about how many Americans are actually left of center and how many voting Americans are right of center, most of all the polling data solidly suggests that America is actually center of right, yet we have so many small minded news companies that seem to either not care what everyone wants or they just think they are smarter than anyone else and everyone else is just too dumb to think for themselves.

Either way it adds up to something that I know a fair number of my friends that have been on AOL for years will soon be up to canceling their accounts at AOL, simply because they are not left of center.

All in all the overly cinematic, published post of the Huff and I will Puff Arianna Huffington, seem to show that AOL is willing to risk its Advertising base to see just how far they can push the envelope.

I suspect they will find that in the real world moving to the left will not be a welcomed move for many of its customers or of its advertisers, and last but not least its stock holders.

I wonder what Aol is trading at today?



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