Superstitious congress?

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Is the Congress Superstitious or is it just a coincidence?

In what appears to be a history making election of the speaker of the house in the 118th congress it seems like it might just be possible that at least some members of congress might just be superstitious.

There have been 13 votes to elect the speaker of the house.

It was close some of those members that had been holding out on the choice of the speaker of the house have changed their votes.

But could it be that members of the house did not want to elect the speaker of the house on a somewhat unlucky number.

So, will they now after voting to adjourn come back and now confirm on the 14th vote.

So this invites the question of Why all this happened in the first place.

Was it because Kevin McCarthy may have allegedly been more like a rubber stamp on desperately needed changes?

Could it have been that some members of congress feel that Kevin McCarthy is viewed as another feckless leader?

The last republican speaker of the house was a prime example of allegedly bad things that or in the case of Paul Ryan who allegedly did almost nothing except for handing the gavel to the democrats.

It might have been the idea that Kevin McCarthy was not viewed as a “stand up or standout” guy.

We need a decent speaker that will put the interests of the American People first.

Right now we have a real need for a speaker of the house to not be a cookie cutter kind of guy, We need a real American to be the speaker not a cardboard figure.

That may be a good part of what this protest was all about.

The truth is allegedly Paul Ryan let us down…

WE do not need another Paul Ryan. . .

Kevin McCarthy is viewed as somewhat weak however it might be that this fight could end with some good news for the American People.

We need a strong leader not a weak puppet…

If Kevin McCarthy could stand up and be a man for the People…

Then That would be a good thing for the People!