Stock Market?

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Will the stock market crash to the bottom?

A lot of people think it might but is that what is really going on?

IF you want to hear about the end of the stock market you can easily find that kind of news.

They will happily tell you a story that will convince you that you need to dump all your stock right away.

(Do they have an agenda?)

Probably they do.

OR if you prefer.

You can hear all about how this is the perfect time to buy…

How all those other people out there are panicking and selling out all the stocks they purchased over the last two years.

Sure, if you panic it could cost you a lot.

Back in the now Famous or perhaps infamous, Dot Com Bubble.

I was right in the thick of it, business development for a large New-York based, dot com/huge corporate parent’s and we had everything in fact they often told us we needed to spend more money dining so they could write it off on taxes.

Things were good!

Then overnight the word started slipping out.

Things were going south in a hurry.

Being under a contract I could not tell anyone what I knew all I could really do was to gently suggest that now would be a good time to sell.

I could not legally tell them anything about circumstances or any detailed information about anything.

I phoned a few friends, None of which listened to me.

Perhaps there was one, who was still left smiling after the chaos of those few days.

But like most people they just sat there and convinced themselves that hey its going to turn around.

Yahoo is going back up to over $700 again real soon!

But it did not.

In fact Yahoo was quickly down to around $20.00 in a matter of days.

Then $8.00

A few months later one of my friends said hey why didnt you tell me that everything was going south.

I told him that at the time I could not say anything because it might be considered a big issue.

Shades of Martha on that one but all in all even if I had told them hey its all going down and told them in the strongest terms possible sell sell sell…

They still would not have listened.

You like to think that you would but in reality the truth is you will do what you want to do.

Even if there is a dude with a cardboard sign outside your house that says the end is near…

So depending on what you believe might happen next.

You can either sell sell sell or you can do some buying…

The choice is yours.