pulitzer prize for photography?

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This year the photograph below may just be a big contender for the prize for photography!

But what does that say about our society?

posted on facebook attribution unknown.

Considering what caused the beginning of the protests that turned deadly and has created millions of dollars in damages the truth is that what happened was un excusable and un thinkable.

America watched in horror as a policeman murdered a man while being filmed doing so…

The level of destruction is huge but more than that just think about the role the media have played in this situation.

For two months the Media have been hyping up the covad 19 virus the coverage is 24 hours a day.

Large corporations have been advertising about how this is the new normal?


This is the new normal?

What we have here is a media that is out of control along with states that are doing all the wrong things.

Now we have a policeman who basically murdered a man and the world watched it happen…

No excuse for rioting of course but how much blame does the media have here?

The media have created once again a situation where emotions got out of hand and a riot broke out.

When you get right down to the truth here it is the media that fan the flames of hate in this nation.

They gleefully film the destruction and talk about it non stop…

When will they be held accountable for what they are doing to America?