Pepsi stock prices decline

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Pepsi price increases 

The problem here is more than just the price. 

Pepsi products have been going up and up and up but this is not necessarily all of the story. 

When you drink soft drinks like Pepsi what you are putting into your body is essentially a ton of sugar and that is just not a healthy thing in a market where sugar is the number one ingredient for so many different products. 

The big issue for Pepsi is that price increases but also there is an underlying issue that few are actually talking about and that is the quality of the product. 

With the high cost of this product you might think that at the least you would not have to worry about the quality of the product. 

So, what is the problem?


Flat Flat Flat. 

Flat product, when you purchase a Pepsi product that is really over priced, you think that when you get home and open a soda that you will get to experience the sugary goodness of that high priced Pepsi product. 

But more than often what you get is a flat and somewhat sweet drink that have no real taste. 

So, really what you are experiencing is a rip off. 

You are being ripped off by the grocery store and by Pepsi. 

Yet the prices continue to go up and up and up and up and up. 

So what happens when consumers stop buying Pepsi?

Today we saw a large grocery store in Europe remove Pepsi from its shelves and that is really a good thing because Pepsi continues to increase its prices while buyers are starting to object to the high prices by refusing to buy the product. 

Why buy something that you cant be sure is a good product?

There is nothing worse than paying high prices for a product and then finding out that product is flat and tasteless. 

Sometimes you just have to make a decision and that decision these days is to dump Pepsi. 

Flat Pepsi cola at a really high price equals a short market.