The End of the Second Amendment?

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Are we watching as the second amendment is about to be gutted by a bunch of gutless cowards pretending to uphold the sworn duties which they promised while holding their hands on the Bible?


Seriously people if you are not aware of what is happening in Washington while the news coverage focuses on Fake News by Fake people and Fake Reality; Then you are part of the problem.

There are so many excuses “well, there is not much I could do anyway…” Continue reading…

This is what the second amendment is all about

If you have ever thought about that moment when you go from being someone that just thinks its ok for only some people to own guns to what it means to really need that second amendment then this is for you.

You see it is not just about being able to hire someone to stand guard over you and your loved ones.

Because not everyone can afford that kind of protection.

What is truly sad is all those people in congress that tend to think that you and your loved ones do not deserve to be protected.

That is what the truth is. You might go your entire life never needing the protection and the safety of owning a firearm.
IF one day though you do need that protection it is something that is definitely worth the time and investment of owning and learning how to use a weapon.

WE know that we cannot always count on law enforcement or a neighbor to be in the right place at the right time to come in and save the day or the girl for that matter.

The real truth about defending your life and your family is that the police as much as they would like to be able to come in and save you and your family are not likely to be waiting outside your home to help you when you need it.

We have some great men and woman who are in law enforcement that are willing to put their lives on the line to keep you safe but the fact remains that they cannot be everywhere all at the same time.

failure to protect

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Deputies called to suspected shooter’s home 39 times over seven years



Are you kidding me…

If someone is obviously mentally ill enough to be a risk to himself and others as well as the community then why did law enforcement respond to this alleged shooter’s address so many times and yet there was still no action taken… Continue reading…

Justice and Liberty for all?

Is there really Justice and Liberty for everyone?

Or is it just for the few that can afford to have armed guards follow them around everywhere they go?

Should Americans be forced to submit to subjective criteria on who is deserving of constitutional and legal protections?

Should we say that based on what we believe is a risk you will be required to turn in your guns because we have determined that you may be a risk.   WE do not have to prove that you may be a risk we just have to believe it might be possible.

WE might even begin to say that you fit into a certain group or class of citizens that might one day become a risk…

You can see where this is headed…

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Gun Control Betrayal

While most Americans are going about their busy lives we have a congress that is in the process of betraying the People they claim to be representing in congress. 

More than this betrayal what is happening here is wrong and there will be a political price that will be paid.

If president Trump passes or fails to veto gun control measures that are not constitutional then I cannot vote for him again.

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Media caught in lie

Once again the Media have been caught and it is a deer in the headlights moment.



Four armed officers and years of warnings did nothing to stop Nikolas Cruz from massacring 17 people at a high school.

Florida emergency medical teams frustrated over ‘delay’ in Parkland school shooting response
By Matt Finn | Fox News source

How in the entire world is this possible? Continue reading…

Gun rights and the NRA

Does the NRA really do much to help defend the second amendment?

Recently they failed to take a number of actions that many consider a breach of the peace when it comes to the second amendment.

However, one thing does seem clear we have a Media that want to see an America that looks like a foreign nation where the people have no right and no guns to defend themselves.

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How Biased is Amazon Alexa?

So, you just got your Amazing Alexa, you know that cool gadget that answers all your questions.


Wow is all I can say…

The biggest thing you can imagine about this insanity is the fact that people are paying for this.

So, we have the MEdia lying to us any kind of way they can.

We have politicians lying to us…

Now..   we have Alexa…

Fake media fact checking ?

Is there anything that the media will not lie to you about?

Seriously think about it.

Is there anything that these Fake Media outlets will not choose to spin into something that they think is a (Fact Checking website)

Watch as you see what does when confronted with the truth of the Holocaust.

Snopes basically states that the following was not related to the issue of the taking away of all guns from the peoples of these nations before millions of people were murdered.  Does that sound right?

So if you were to apply the same logic that snopes applies to its so called “FACT CHECKING” then they are saying that the Holocaust is mostly false.   Snopes is splitting hairs in order to present a mostly biased conclusion by making a distinction here about how the words Gun and Control are defined…

They Deny the truth about the extermination of millions of people…

That cannot be true?

No, it is not true but here is the problem with how snopes chooses to make distinctions in how it defines Gun Control.

That is the real problem here and it is something that exposes Snopes as BIASED.

They admit the Fact that guns were taken away from a peaceful population just prior to a mass murder event where hundreds of thousands of people were murdered and guess what most of them were murdered by Guns…

Snopes makes a distinction that is bias.

Here is the lie. 

“Gun control” isn’t synonymous with gun confiscation; in some cases where genocides took place, the gun laws in force had existed for years, even decades; evidence does not demonstrate a causal link between gun control and mass exterminations.

So what is the problem with snopes?

They tell you that Gun Control is not the same as Gun confiscation…

Is that true?

No it is false so in this case Snopes lied to you. 

Call it whatever you want to call it, Gun Confiscation, Gun Control, Gun licensing, Guns just for the elite who will later choose to murder you with those guns that were too dangerous for you to have but not for them. 

So in essence here what we have is a publication that is obviously biased and they are in favor of Gun Control. 

They are fine with the government taking your guns away. 

They feel that the world would be so much better without guns. 

The real problem here is that those same people that run snopes that own it and that support it are the same people that have hired guards with guess what “Drum Roll Please”  Armed Guards or in many cases they actually own guns too.

They just do not want you to have the right to own a gun. 

Typical liberal organization. 

So if you want to do some fact checking do not depend on snopes or other organizations that have a bias because you will not get the truth from them.