Walmart Sams Pharmacies

Recently it has become evident that Walmart and Sams may be taking actions that may be very controversial.

Including selling your information that is your PHI information.

Your Private Health Information.

You might want to re-consider doing business with a company that is willing to sell your information… Continue reading “Walmart Sams Pharmacies”

Doctors being harassed pharmacies implicitly ban doctors

Imagine going to pick up a prescription and finding out that a company like for example walmart or sams has decided to ban your doctor from being able to write a prescription.

That sounds strange right?

Sure it would sound strange but what if say a company like walmart might decide “they do not  like the way that a doctor prescribes medications”

Then as described by a pharmacist they can decide that they will not fill a prescription.

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The Fake Opioid Crisis that never was

Fake Crisis Fake News…

It appears that more often these days we are facing the opposite of the truth when it comes to a Crisis.

The CDC played around with the facts and the figures allegedly in an effort to secure more funding…

They created a new term..  (Opioid Crisis)

They even tricked the president into agreeing to funding at the tune of Millions and Millions of Dollars.

All so that they could have a war on drugs…   Again…

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Costs of pharmacy drugs

In the news recently you may have noticed that the cost of some medications have been the headline.

Additionally even on Facebook there have been many discussion about the cost of medications.

There may be a reason why these costs keep going up and up and up…

Its not what you think..

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Impeaching Rosenstien?

Articles of Impeachment have been offered…

The truth is that this is long overdue but it is worth noting that this man was given every opportunity to do the right thing…

In the world of attorneys there is one thing that must always be protected and that is something that is difficult for many to deal with.

The problem is conflict of interest.

There could also be more serious issues considering that the Fisa Warrant may have been altered…

Allegedly…   The thing here is a question of who is in charge?  That is the one thing that no one seems to understand at all..  Where is Jeff Sessions… Continue reading “Impeaching Rosenstien?”

FBI embarrassed by possibility of mentally ill agent?

Is it possible that the one man that was testifying or rather reciting alleged memorized statements and denying that he was biased and may have done some very bad things in the process of Not Doing his Job…

Is the FBI embarrassed?

I think the answer to that is a big yes…

When you begin to look at the testimony of this man and you begin to look at how he acts and the facial expressions on his face it is obvious to anyone that there is something very wrong with this man. Continue reading “FBI embarrassed by possibility of mentally ill agent?”

28-year-old German “refugees welcome” activist, was found dead

The truth sometimes can be a sad reminder that just because you “believe in something” does not mean it is actually safe to practice what you preach.

You feel really bad for her and her family because she was a nice young lady who had a bright future..

but, What a sad ending to such a bright trusting young life.

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Time to stop reading Time?

Well, Folks this Time it appears that Time may have bitten off more than it can chew.

Publishing a Biased and Deceptive cover that does not tell the real story but a lie.

It is amazing how insane these companies are becoming but what should really concern you is the fact that most of these companies are not really making money anymore because they do not represent the truth.

No one likes a liar.  Continue reading “Time to stop reading Time?”

May the Space Force be with you…

Well it appears that we may have the beginnings of a Space Force…

The first question is not do we need it but why not…

It is not like were going to be getting ready to wind up that hyperdrive unit and blast out to the nearest planet anytime soon.

But here is the thing, If we plan on securing our planets near (space) then we have to get started someday.

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