Everything the Media wish you didn’t know is right here!

  • Smear Lies = Stupid

    Drama support by the Media liars was broadcast on National TV! Very similar to what we saw with Judge Roy Moore, Neil Gorsuch plus other political figures over the last four years we have seen unsubstantiated and now proven lies with regard to accusing a political figure without any real evidence. So, the Congress they […]

  • Zales outlets?

    Buyer beware… What you see is not always what you get! Recently a friend related to me an issue that he encountered when making a purchase at Zales outlet online. He purchased this ring! But this is what he got… It also arrived with Made in India tags… nothing wrong with that but the listing […]

  • High Prices?

    Used Stuff that may or may not be of a particular value. Seems kind of hard to understand when you look at the situation with the media fanning the flames of inflation some Americans are believing the ignorance of the Media. So, what is the deal anyway? Are things really worth twice as much as […]

  • loop holes

    When you read about loop hooes it usually is all about someone taking advantage of the gaping massive holes that congress seems incapable of fixing and or preventing in the first place. When the average person looks at some of these (frankly) ignorant bills that congress creates, you almost have to wonder are these people […]

  • Crypto Security Plus

    Just as the news media started to broadcast the first images of Russians doing the un-thinkable something odd started to happen. People in many European areas began to place more deposits into Crypto coins. Of course it could have been just coincidence or it might be because in exceptional situations like war. Nothing is really […]

  • Stock Market?

    Will the stock market crash to the bottom? A lot of people think it might but is that what is really going on? IF you want to hear about the end of the stock market you can easily find that kind of news. They will happily tell you a story that will convince you that […]

  • No Rural Internet

    For YOU! If you live in a Rural Area of Alabama or Georgia, chances are good that you cannot get broadband internet. Why? Century Link sold out to Lumen and Lumen Sold out to Apollo Global Investment company (NewYork)Now Century-link has been sold to a “investment company” Apollo Global Management (New York) The deal which […]

  • Vaccine Death?

    When you do a search on Search Engines you often can see something that is disturbing… Denial… Of the Truth.. When you do a search and all you see are so called “Fact Checkers” or denials of the truth that should tell you something about what is really going on. If for example you did […]

  • Where is the Science?

    We have seen a lot of different types of information that has been proffered up by the Media and by the Social Media… Often if you are actually paying attention to what is being said you will begin to see a pattern. That pattern can be somewhat disturbing if and when you begin to examine […]

  • Bitcoin Plus

    Something is happening in the crypto marketplace and the answer may have a lot to do with many different things taking place in the economy. What may be happening is what could be called a perfect storm that may be inviting the traditional investing community to begin to buy more crypto assets. When you begin […]