Lying Fake news Media?

The truth about the media is out there… Yes it is and people can tell you want it means to watch someone lie to your face.

We deal with this on a regular basis, honesty like the song
by Billy Joel it’s hard to find…

But and of course this is improper in the modality of acceptable english writing skills however that suits me just fine as it is the underlying topic of conversation that I am interested in here and of such it brings me satisfaction knowing that somewhere someone is offended by the its use in the preceding statement.

Why? Do they LIE?

Simply because they have grown accustomed to a mentality that everyone is under educated and unable to perceive when they are being lied to.

If you feel this to be true I would challenge you to walk into a community in the backwoods of any number of southern states and attempt to escape from that community without anyone knowing that you are a liberal…

I rather suspect that you would not be able to do it.

Now of course you could easily escape without any harm or injury unless you happened to make the mistake of thinking that you were so smart that no one could figure out your political persuasion by having a conversation with the same…

So the real question remains why do the media lie?

They are aware of the truth..

I am convinced that they cannot be as ignorant as they sound on TV

Which leaves the final concept here as that of an ignoble precedence.

Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.

We the People Build the Wall

After years and years of being ignored by Washington DC…

Finally we the people are sending a message to the Swamp…
They can no longer ignore the People.

Build the Wall…

If you are tired of the lies from lifetime politicians who have become wealthy while standing on the backs of the people of America.

Then this is for you.

It is hard to understand why the democrats do not want to protect the people.

It is even more difficult to watch as Nancy P and Chuckie “boy” Schumer, do everything they can to stand in the way of the constitution and the will of the people.

Now it is our turn to show Washington DC and the corrupt politicians who have for more than 30 years ignored the people doing what ever they want to do regardless of what the people of the USA want them to do.

All they do is campaign, raise money for the next election.

They do not get anything done because they are so corrupted.

Now you can make a difference.

Build the wall. . . 

The Democrats want to stop the efforts of the President and the American People to build this wall so that we can have the freedom that so many generations of Americans have fought and died to have and to give to the next generation.

This is not about politics this is about doing the will of the people.

For too long politicians have ignored the people.

With the help of the media they have been able to get elected over and over again while doing nothing
for the people. 

If you are sick and tired of all the lies coming out of the democrat party. 

If you are disgusted by the way that the media lie to the public over and over again. 

If you are ready for something that will reduce the illegal opioid drug problem…

Then this is your chance to really send a real message to washington DC.. . 

The media have been complicit in siding against the American People for years they have engaged in a campaign of misinformation, deceit, lies all with the intent on destroying this nation.

Now the democrats want to impeach the president because he wants to do something instead of just kicking the can down the road.

That is all about to change and you too can be a part of this effort to force washington to do the right thing.

Donate now. 

The difference you make even with as little as 20 or even just 5 bucks can change the course of this nation.

Never before have the people been able to push washington DC to do the right thing but now that is changing.



Florida election corruption

There are reports from many different sources that indicate that there are serious problems when it comes to elections in some areas of Florida…

This is a problem for many good reasons but what is really scary is the idea that no one admits that there is a problem.

Even when faced with video evidence of fraud and ballot box stuffing…

They deny it.

We are not just talking about local election officials but the top administrators at the state level.

This is wrong and it must stop.

The voter has a duty to vote and the people have done their duty it is now time for the state to do its duty and prosecute those people who are responsible for criminal acts against the state and its people.

This time may be different.

( – Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has opened a criminal investigation into allegations of election fraud, and although she refused to go into detail, she said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, at her direction, is conducting interviews.  Source. 


Where are the missing votes?

in the trash can that is where they are (alleged voting fraud in Broward Co Florida)

vote supression

So when will the law be followed?

When will election officials that are corrupt be prosecuted?

The truth is something that is evident to anyone who will

be honest about what is going on.

Yet, what we see over and over again from the media is

There is no proof.  Well, this time there is proof but will Bondi do anything about it?

That is the real question here.

Will Pam Bondi do anything about the corruption in FloriDUH>

Democrats plan funtime fiasco

It appears that the democrats are planning on creating as much turmoil for the Whitehouse than ever before.

In fact just about everything that President Trump does do is challenged.

I just wonder is it really worth it?

What appears to be happening here is that the democratic party is exactly what they accused the republican party of being.

Is it possible that the democrats have been lying all along?

Now that much of the former voting districts are not as gullible as they were in the past it looks like the democrats are about to just fall apart.

But what does this really mean?

What are they going to do next now that all their carefully laid plans have fallen apart?

Democrats are desperate and desperate people tend to do well stupid things.

What is really horrible about this entire situation is that the democrats are hurting all of America.

All of US.


What they want is to harm babies, little children, their mothers, their fathers.

That does not sound like the kind of thing that anyone would want.

The real problem here is that the democrats have lost control of their own party.

Now it is run by far left zealots that are willing to destroy America and its future just so that they can create their own version of socialism.

We know that Socialism doesn’t work, but the far left wing of the democrat party want to try it yet again and this time in America.

Sadly though the victims will be you and me and your family and my family.


This is the reality they are so far “out there” that they do not see the harm that they are going to do..

Watch the train wreck Media

This is what the Media started up right away.

You can see what happened and how the media began to create an evil situation…

Liar Media, unbelieving response from all the far left media outlets.

Watch as the Media begin the campaign to have President Trump Impeached. . .

The day after the election the Media began a campaign of destruction against the people of the United States of America. . .    

totally horrible situation when you begin to see the pattern of human rights abuses that the MEdia are engaged in. . .

It is not difficult to see the truth here and that is something that the media are afraid that the american voters will take action on November 6th of this year. . .


Send a message to the corrupted and
vile media…

Nov 6th Vote.

facebook censoring movie ads

Facebook is censoring advertising about the Doctor of Death and Destruction.


The truth here is one that should outrage the entire world.

When a company chooses to censor material that they do not want you to learn about that is when you have lost your voice.

Creators of movie about abortionist say Facebook is censoring their ads

The truth about these horrible situations cannot be understated.

Facebook does not have any problem with promoting movies that voice opinions about violence.

Murder, vile and reprehensible behavior. . .

They have no issue with any of these things.

It is ok to promote a movie about someone that no longer wants to be a man or a woman.

It is ok when anyone wants to talk about evil and horrible behaviors when it fits in with what facebook wants to show you.

In fact all of these websites have covered this yet nothing in the main stream news media.

Flaked out over fake protester

We have a duty to expose the corruption and this is one of those times when it must be revealed what the truth actually is here.


Woman Who Confronted Flake In Elevator Runs Soros-Funded Organization

Ana Maria Archila, one of the women who confronted Jeff Flake on the elevator at the Capitol after he said he was voting for Brett Kavanaugh, is the co-executive director for the Center for Popular Democracy and the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund.

The Center For Popular Democracy is heavily funded by George Soros.

Here is Ana Maria Archila on the Center for Popular Democracy website.


Be very aware none of this is by accident and it has never been more important to vote on November 6th because our way of life our freedom and the dreams of our children are in the ballance make no mistake this is not just another election this is WAR…

If you have hope for your children in the future…

If you want to see your grandchildren grow up with the same opportunities that you had…

If you want to continue to have the freedoms that our fathers fought and died for then you must vote…

If we fail to show up to vote in this election America will have failed…

Vote November 6th 2018

Breaking News Kavanaugh not guilty

Wow, imagine what would happen if the accusations against President Trump’s nominee for Justice of the Supreme court of These United States of America were to actually be false?

What would the Media do?

Well, we are all about to find out what the truth is when it comes to Political accusations.

People are sick of the lies of the democrats who have attempted to disrupt the valid actions of the White House.


Breaking News.

On the eve of the Senate Judicial Committee’s hearings into Christine Blasey Ford’s 36-year-old accusation against Judge Kavanaugh, Politico reporter Burgess Everett tweeted a bombshell about an interview the Committee staff had with a man who believes he, not Judge Kavanaugh had the encounter with Dr. Ford in the summer of 1982. Ford’s testimony that a 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh pinned her down on a bed at a high school party when she was 15 years old, groped her and covered her mouth to keep her from screaming, is the purpose of the hearing on Thursday.

This is turning into a circus and it is time that Congress does the right thing by


Only minutes after Politico’s Burgess Everett broke the story on Twitter, Buzzfeed reporter, Zoe Tillman tweeted that the Committee has been in touch with two men who believe they had the ‘encounter’ with Christine Blasey Ford.

The Senate Judiciary Committee just sent out a timeline describing how they responded to the allegations against  nominee Brett Kavanaugh. It appears to indicate they’ve been in touch with two men who believe they had the “encounter” with Christine Blasey Ford

The truth will set you Free…


Kavanaugh hearings

Democrats are attempting to overthrow the government of the United States of America.

The preceding headline should inspire every single person who is registered to vote to be certain to be voting in the upcoming November 6th Election because it is of supreme importance.

We have a few “Ring Leaders” such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy P and even some liberal RINO, republicans in name only who are behind this evil that we are all witnessing.

The truth here is that nothing has been proven because everything about this nominee is fine.

He has no history of this kind of behavior.

There is no evidence that he has ever engaged in this kind of behavior.

There are no credible assertions on record of any such behavior.

The real problem for the Democrats now is that accusations from almost 40 years in the past cannot be proved or not proved.

Thus they mean nothing.

Which is why democrats are trying to get the public and the media to convict this good man with no evidence of any wrong doing at all.

The truth here is that the Democrats have done nothing but increase the turnout for Republican Voters of which there are far more than democrats.


New Democratic Strategy

Now we see the truth…

Democrats will do anything to achieve their goals.

All they need to do from now on is to find a confused female who was so drunk that she cannot remember when the event took place or where it was or even what year it might have been. . .

That is all they need now to get rid of anyone that they do not like.

We see the truth but will Congress see it?

Will Congress decide that this is their chance to get rid of a President that they cannot control?

Will Congress betray the entire world and every man that has ever fought for freedom?

That is what is at risk here. 

The final disposition of America…

Because what we are witnessing here is the idea that the accused must prove that he or she did not do something rather than the truth …

Memory is a difficult thing and it can be used in a way that is so wrong to every decent person on this planet.

You can take ten people show them all a 2 minute video and you will have ten different recollections of the content displayed during those two minutes.

In high school people remember things differently.

We tend to remember everything differently not because of the truth but because of how we remember the things we believe are most important.

What is more likely?

That democrats were not able to defeat a good man or

That a confessed alcoholic and deviant suddenly can accuse

a man so that democrats can attempt to stop a revival of

the constitution and freedom of Americans everywhere?

That is the real question here before us all.

Do we believe that now no evidence is required in order to ruin a man’s life?

If that is true then as a nation we are doomed to failure. . .