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Election Fraud!


WE have all see so much evidence that this election was NOT Free and Not Fair! There is no acceptable denial that is believable.

Yet, Public Officials have denied all the evidence and continue to say that there is no evidence.

They say you did not see that Fraud!

You did not build your business!

You did not build that road!

2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Google Censorship

Perhaps you may have heard about how much of the Media are ignoring the most important news stories to the American People!

You can see it everywhere or more correctly you Cannot See it anywhere!

Facebook is allegedly blacking out so many news stories that you cannot find anything about what is really going on in the US or anywhere else.

Google is featuring (allegedly) only one side of the story and as we all know there are always two sides of a story!

Google though is allegedly only showing partisan search results.

If you search for Election Fraud all you see are detractors.

All you see is what Google wants you to see.

This is insanity more so when you begin to wonder why all these people are advertising on Google when what you get with Google is nothing more than propaganda!

Google Propaganda?

Really? Well, see for yourself!

You can see how the Media are attempting to deceptively use Yellow Journalism to color the truth up with ignorance and lies!

The truth here is that we have seen what the media and now social media along with search engines are doing when it comes to using propaganda as a tool to destroy the truth!

Even more concerning is that you cannot see the other side of the story!

You can only see what they want you to see!

This is wrong and must be adjudicated!

Even with all of the evidence including video evidence, (now five videos) Photographic evidence, Audio Evidence, Sworn Testimony and hundreds of Eye Witness (also sworn testimony) of serious fraudulent activity on Election night as well as recounts, allegedly corrupt state officials still refuse to audit the ballots for validity and fraud!

What will it take to get the truth out of states like Georgia!

Where the Sec of State of Georgia continues to appear on propaganda laden CNN to defend and to obfuscate his refusal to look at the ballots!

Could it be that the Sec of State of Georgia does not want the truth to come out?

His most recent statement seemed to attempt to pervert the truth with yet another alleged lie by omission.

Omission of the truth is really the same thing as a lie.

So we know that suspect ballots to the tune of around 18,900 or more ballots were injected into the election count because of the video that came out of the State Farm Arena Scandal.

It just seems like public officials are so committed to the propaganda that they hear on CNN that they are refusing the truth and attempting to turn it into opinion by omission which is a lie!

History is not likely to be kind to these individuals and it just seems to defy the imagination in how deep these suspect people are willing to dig the hole that they find themselves mired in.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans see the truth!

It is time that the truth is allowed to be determined and that determination must be done without the internal influences that have failed the people of America.

Basically we have corrupt public officials that are investigating themselves and finding nothing wrong!

This is not acceptable and this is why the Supreme Court must become the arbiter of this evil perpetrated by public officials which has likely affected more than 90 Million Americans!

The Truth Must come out and we must look at those ballots!

We must see the ballots even if the Supreme Court rules that those states did what they are accused of doing.

WE must see those ballots no matter what happens in the Supreme Court.

2020 election fraud Politics

State Farm Arena Scandal

The Election Scandal of the year goes to the State of Georgia!

Congratulations for being the state that prosecutes more of its own citizens for breaking laws than allegedly just about any other state!

More people go to jail in Georgia than other similar states allegedly!

Which should come as no surprise really since Georgia was the original penal colony!

But knowing that Georgia prides itself on putting people in jail it is a bit ironic that when valid proof of the violation of election laws of Georgia… Nothing happens?

They refuse to look at the fraud because they investigated themselves and found that they did nothing wrong?


What about the seven laws allegedly broken at state farm arena!

But but but, wait, we can explain that away with a few twisted and confusing circle logic psychobabble statements and then just say nothing to see here move along…

The truth is the only thing that is going to redeem the state of Georgia!

The officials of the state of Georgia are denying justice and denying the rights of thousands and thousands of Georgia Voters all while they put other people in jail for doing far less!

That is just so Wrong that there is no way to justify it!

First they said, no fraud!

Fraud is a myth!

Then they said, there is a little fraud but not enough to make a difference!

Really? AND how would you know how much fraud there is unless you look at the ballots?

Then they said we legal counted ballots three times….

But that too is not entirely truthful or honest!

They do not know how many illegal ballots have been counted because they did not look at the ballots!

Do you begin to see a pattern here?

They keep saying things but they do not do anything!

They keep trying to justify NOT looking at the ballots!

How can you NOT look at the Ballots when we have hundreds of eye witness accounts along with at least three video accounts that demonstrate highly likely criminal actions and violations of Georgia State Election Laws!

You see there is a criminal pattern here and it is something that most honest people do not understand!

People who are dishonest and practice cheating and or fraud they believe that everyone does it!

They think that everyone behaves in a criminal manner so they justify the crimes that they commit thinking (unjustly) that the other side is doing it as well.

But that is just not the case and its not because the other side might not be disposed to do that but that the leaders of the other side do not condone or permit the type of atmosphere that would allow such behavior to go unpunished.

That is the real problem here we have leaders that are allowing bad behavior to exist without any accountability!

That is why we have so many problems in elections.

But this year it was different!

They knew they were not in a good position to win this election.

They had no real candidates!

The candidates they choose were not popular!

The candidates were not qualified!

Yet, they still put out a slate that was not going to win and they did it anyway! Knowing what we now know it should be completely plausible that there was a plan!

They had a plan and they executed that plan by nefarious means and most importantly they got caught!

They can try to justify the lies they tell themselves privately about what they did and what they are not doing to provide the people with the truth!

In the end the truth
will come out!

The People will have the truth!

2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Real Election Results

What America needs now!

What we need is the truth!

The Media and many others have been talking about overturning the election results.

Is that correct?

No, What is happening is getting to the bottom of what the actual REAL Election results were not overturning Fake Results!

But all you hear from the media is this idea that overturning the election results but that is just not the real truth!

There are hundreds of thousands of instances of Fraud!

When you look at all of the data there is no way that a few counties in a few states could have generated the numbers of votes that they claim to have processed.

WE not only see a huge level of incompetence but also valid evidence of fraud in many different places.

Multiple videos have been submitted and one has shown what can only be called valid evidence of alleged fraud.

WE must have accountability from pubic officials who are blocking efforts to look at the ballots.

WE must see what has happened!

When you see all of this nonsense and you see these people that have done everything but the right thing you just know what the truth actually is.

America deserves the truth!

We keep hearing the media bias about how there is no fraud!

Then they said there is not enough fraud!

Now they say we cant look at the ballots?

Why not?

The American people must have transparency!

State officials can not be allowed to lie to the people and refuse to allow a valid examination of ballots that proof exists were illegal!

When we get the corrupt state officials to do the right thing and look at those ballots we will find what they do not want us to see and that is what the truth is here!

Make no mistake failure to look at ballots in this election is nothing more than a tyrannical action designed to enslave this nation!

IF you want to remain free in this nation now is the time to call your state representatives, US representatives, State Senators, State leaders, local leaders, We must have honest representation!


Vote Fraud!

The media keep on with their mantra!

No voter fraud!

Nothing to see here!


But what would happen if you changed the talking points.

Most people agree that a Voter is not behind the massive fraud that has been demonstrated in videos, photographs and audio recordings!

No, not the Voter…

So, its not really Voter Fraud!

What we have is Criminal Behavior by officials and operatives that allegedly were paid to do this thing!

So, forget about all the of media narrative lies the most recent of which is “there was some fraud” But its not enough to change the result!


IF they will not look at the evidence or look at the Ballots then How can they say that they know that there is not enough Fraud and Criminal actions to change the result? Wait, is that a real result?

Well yet another misleading use of the English language.

You see they want to play games with language while ignoring the real truth about this election.

The reason why we know for sure that this fraud and criminal actions took place is simple.

There were So Many Votes for Trump that they had to do something that they had never done before!

They had to stop counting Votes!

They had to do this because the totals were not going the way of the democrats.

They were going for Trump!

But even more convincing is that IF they had continued to count the votes they would have had an OVER VOTE!

They did not have enough votes to win the Election!

The votes were going to President Trump and they knew that they could not change it unless they stopped counting!

They had to stop because they could not do what they needed to do in order to change the votes over to Biden!

They had to stop because they could not do this in full view of the public or the Press or the Poll Watchers.

They knew it and so they did it!

They did what every American knows that they did, The Dirty Deeds that they does!

Now we have a media that are ignoring the news and telling lies about the truth!

They are depending on this to turn the tide of fraud and criminal actions into a change from what the People voted for and what they wanted!

While it sure looks like everyone is abandoning President Trump let me say that it is important to understand that what has been done was not just a few things in the dark of night!

They took something from hundreds of thousands of voters!

They took the one thing that Millions of People count on in a Republic.

They took away the hopes and dreams of a nation by way of criminal behavior.

They took away everything from so many people and this is not a little thing that will just go away.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women have sacrificed their entire lives to strive for freedom and to work for hope for a better future.

Those hands that are rough from hard labors and the white hairs on the heads of millions of men and women who did great works for our children who might have this freedom that they sacrificed so much to obtain.

So, No, this is not just a simple thing that you can dismiss!

You cannot just say its been debunked!

You cannot just say that its not what it looks like!

This is about those who have sacrificed everything to have the freedom to vote and that is what has been taken.

That is why we must have integrity and not a make believe hand recount of the re re count like they did in Florida in 2000 or like they have done in Georgia in 2020!

Georgia may like to think that people are too stupid to understand what has been done to them but they are not stupid at all!

The People of Georgia know what has happened!

State officials can try to ignore the truth but it will not change the hearts of the people!

WE must not sit down and just accept these lies and these deceptions.

WE have to insist on a Valid Investigation into what cannot be explained by partisan rhetoric!

2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Ballot counting at night?

A huge problem exists with regard to what this video shows.

There are so many issues here yet the media say, nothing to see here!

They say hey we had a monitor there?

Really? What about Georgia State Laws?

Not Open to the Public, no Republican watchers, media absent!

It looks like there are no seals on the “suitcases” and multiple people touch the ballots.

What is really telling here is that they do not seem to be documenting anything they just grab boxes (suitcases) and go to town tabulating!

You can tell they appear to be in a hurry!

Watch this video so much is going wrong on all of these problems in the State of Georgia!

Yet, all they have to do is say “nothing to see here” ?

No, It is the duty of the Sec of State of Georgia to provide transparent valid evidence of where those ballots came from and what the security seal numbers were on those ballots!

But that might be difficult as it appears that there are no seals on those ballots! Additionally it looks like there is no identification on any of those ballot suitcases! Where did they come from? They were there for hours just feet from poll workers but they were hidden there!

So, you cannot tell what kind of ballots those were!

This Video Evidence Demands that the ballots shown in this Video must be validated!

As expected the Media and State officials from Georgia say that this is just fine no problems at all!

Which is just not a reasonable reaction to the oath of office that these people took and swore to do!

Georgia Election law requires that the ballots be done in the public’s View!

Violated in this Video!

Georgia Election Law requires that in partisan elections require one representative from each party represented in the election!

Violated in this video!

Georgia Election Law requires a chain of custody for ballots including a security seal signed by two people!

Additionally when the ballot container is opened two people are required to record the seal number and document that information on a form as required by State Election Laws!

Violated in this Video!

Additional paperwork that was not completed and numerous other alleged violations of Georgia Election Laws requires more than a partisan denial that seems to indicate either incompetence or malfeasance!

There is no valid explanation of the contents of this video and it is seriously concerning due to the fact that nothing in this video exonerates the duty of the sec of state of Georgia to avoid the appearance of impropriety!

The truth about this video is truly very clear to anyone who takes the time to see this video!

On Election night several states mysteriously stopped counting!

They somehow decided to just stop counting!

That is insane!

On Election night many people were asking why are they stopping the count of ballots?

Many Voters and Officials across the United States wanted to know the answer to the question of why they stopped counting ballots!

The Video shows what likely and allegedly happened in several states!

WE know what they did and there is a mountain of evidence!

No reasonable person could believe under any normal circumstance that the events depicted in this and other videos are normal and OK!

These election issues must be adjudicated!

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Ballot Stuffing Politics

Georgia Ballot Stuffing!

This is incredible!

The media have for days and days been denying that there has been massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election!

In fact here at Blago Planet we predicted that this was going to happen!

When the Governor of the State of Georgia certified the election and the Sec of State of Georgia proclaimed that the election was free and fair! Other State officials came out and screamed like prating children about how wrong it was for the President to say that the Georgia Election was invalid and filled with Fraud!

Well, guess what!

The President was Right!

Here is the Proof that the Sec of the State of Georgia and the Governor of the State of Georgia got it wrong!

They got it so so Wrong!

Watch this video because it will tell the Truth about what happened in Georgia!

Folks this is the biggest news story you will see all of this year!

They got caught allegedly Stuffing Ballots!

You cannot deny it because this is the truth!

The Video Reveals what happened when people were told allegedly that a pipe burst and that they would be stopping counting and all the poll watchers were told to leave!

The Media were told to leave!

Then this happened!

When you see this video it will make you sick but you have to watch it because it demonstrates what was done at just one location!

Not to mention reports of hundreds of election law violations!

This is no accident!

Things like this happened in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan!

We have heard from people who were there!

WE have heard from experts that specialize in this kind of investigation!

WE have heard from direct eye witness sworn testimony of fraud!

All the while the Media constantly maintained that they called the results of the election!

The AP called the election?

They have been calling Candidate Biden President Elect Biden!

They have been calling for Trump to concede!

They have been calling people names!

Calling them liars!

The Media have done everything that they could to try to convince the American Voting Public that the Media was right about the election!

But now we know for sure without doubt!

They lied! Either by omission or by commission!

People usually lie for two reasons!

#1 Incompetence!

#2 Commitment!

The first lie is usually a result of either being lazy or just plain not qualified to be doing what they are doing!

The Second reason is that the person is committed to breaking the law and allegedly participating and or intentionally committing a crime!

This is the truth!

And there is more!

A lot more!

There are multiple videos!

There are multiple photographs of alleged manufactured ballots!

Coming out of the State of Georgia!

Video that shows Crimes taking place!

Criminal Breach of Georgia Election Laws!

We must have the truth about this election and that truth is the real election result!

This is the moment when real Patriots must come forward and reveal the criminal behavior of persons who have betrayed the trust of Georgia Voters as well betrayed the Voters of all of America!

These things happened in multiple States!

They stopped counting and told everyone to go home!

Then they started counting ballots!

Hidden Ballots!

There is more information out there and there are more people that have more videos who likely recorded the video in order to protect themselves should they feel that they were being threatened!

You cannot go anywhere without showing up on a video somewhere!

This is a different time than at any other election everyone has a camera on their phones!

In a very ironic way the affordability of phones that have cameras and audio recording abilities have created a society where nothing is hidden for long!

This time they got caught!

The media may come up with talking points!

They may try to deny it!

But make no mistake this is the day that it all broke down!

Election Fraud is Reality and Trump did win this election
by a landslide!

We know the truth!

Now you do too!

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Georgia fraud!

The truth is coming out about the georgia election and the potential for fraud as well as what appears to be fraud.

It is becoming painfully clear that indeed there is irrefutable fraud!

They have Photographic evidence showing manufactured evidence.

Photographic evidence showing tabulators in use unsupervised!

Video evidence showing additional use of multiple tabulators in use without any supervision.

Photographic evidence of Actors who may have been involved in alleged fraud.

Credible Witnesses!

Pallet loads of Evidence!

Video, Photographs, testimony, documented manufactured ballots!

Real Proof of Fraud!

Election bags with missing security tags!

Dominion Employees hired by Fulton County!

Red Flags everywhere.

The sheer Mountain of Evidence here is just so compelling that no one in their right mind could deny it!

You cannot deny what has happened unless you are biased!

IF you are biased then everything you have to say is suspect!

The truth here is a simple thing!

There are Multiple issues of both alleged fraud and Photographic evidence of actual fraudulent ballots! (Manufactured Ballots) Printed out at some other location? Or possibly printed in a foreign nation and transported into the United States! (Allegedly)

Unsupervised use of vote marking machines.

Video and photographs as well as audio information that contains Damning information!

The Media and the State of Georgia Can No Longer Deny that Fraud Happened and not just in small amounts!

Hundreds of thousands of votes!

Vote Manipulation, Manufacturing votes, broken security tags on bags and bags of votes!

Sealed tabulated ballots that later were found to have been removed from the secure election bags and presented in a cardboard box.

This is just flabbergasting!

How can the people of Georgia be ignored!

How can the politicians of Georgia fail to take action.

We must have justice in Georgia!

Hundreds of thousands of Georgia Voters have been disenfranchised by unbelievable efforts of fraud and alleged fraud!

The democrats are just sitting there just lying about everything!

These democrats are just plane ignorant!

WE will find out the truth and the lies of these ignorant democrats will be exposed!

When we find out what the truth is then we must prosecute these democrats that are telling lies on National TV!

We have the truth!

The People of Georgia will prosecute these people!

If the democrats were interested in the truth they would
do the right thing!

But the argument they try to make is invalid!

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Video Proof

In Georgia in appears that allegedly it is possible that democrat operatives operated tabulators After Hours in the State of Georgia with no one Supervising…

This is huge!

IT has been alleged that there is video that shows Democrat Operatives who appear to be processing votes without supervision as IS required by GEORGIA LAW!

If you live in Georgia!

Call Your Representatives
in Georgia!

Call Your Senators!

This is so so important!

We have seen over the last few days hundreds of examples where not only were ballots treated differently but many appeared to have been manufactured.

These Ballots were 98 percent for candidate Joe Biden!

These things are not isolated events!

These things are not just some strange thing that happened a few times and can be explained!

No No No…

Contrary to what the Sec of State is alleging the Georgia Election was not secure and it was not fair and it was not free from Fraud!

Simply Put it really appears that Both the Governor of the State of Georgia and the Sec of State for Georgia are allegedly either incompetent or they have a Dog in the Hunt!

Now If you have ever lived in the State of Georgia you know that anyone that makes broad statements about the election integrity of the state of Georgia would have to actually Look at the Ballots and that is something that has not been done!

For someone to say that Election Fraud does not exist when there is PROOF! When Experts have uncovered Verifiable Proof! Moreover hundreds of Georgia Poll workers, Voters, Personal and more have Sworn under penalty of Perjury that Serious! SERIOUS!

Egregious Horrible Problems in the Georgia Election!

The Georgia Election….

There is even a report that so called “Dark Money” Or Money that has been provided to democrats allegedly from Billionaire and Facebook Owner, Zuck Zuck, now this is not only disturbing but it is seriously concerning when we have reports Center for Tech and Civic Life that Millions of dollars went to Dozens of Georgia Election Offices. (funds were also provided to republican counties but pennies on the dollar compared to what was given to the largest democrat counties.) Just Wow!

The idea that a state official would deny all of this truth!

Allegedly make statements affirming that no vote fraud existed! But when you begin to look at the truth here you see some very amazing things.

Money was reported to have been received by 44 of the States 159 counties.

Wow, this is huge and it is Amazing…

Millions of dollars from The organizing institute.

Going to Georgia County Election Offices.

55 percent of Biden Counties were funded by allegedly Partisan Organizations by the tune of Millions and Millions of Dollars.

It appears allegedly that democrat voting jumped by 530,000 What happened when these counties received hundreds of thousands of dollars!

What appears to be Privatized Election funding!

This Funding appears and has alleged to come from Zuck Zuck.. Zuckbook… Just like the huge millions of dollars that went to only certain counties in the State of PA!

Can you imagine for a moment how in the world that Millions of dollars went to only certain places in Georgia and those places increased the Vote responses by Democrats by a huge amount!

We have serious problems in Georgia!

more than 14,000 voters are alleged to have voted in the Georgia election who moved away from the State of Georgia!

Thousands of voters who voted in the 2020 election who were casting illegal votes in Georgia!

Witness after Witness have come forward to testify about the problems that have been documented by Photos, Videos, Physical Evidence!

This brings into question the idea that nothing happened!

Something Happened!

People are coming to stand up for the truth!

The American People are not brainwashed by the insanity of the media and the psycho babble from democrats that attempt to try to justify what is allegedly and very likely fraud in instance after instance.

It looks like we are seeing the Media attempting to black out the news so that people are not getting information that tells the truth about what are more than just anomalies more than just isolated instances.

The Media may believe that they can hide the truth…

They may think that if they deny the truth that no one will care…

They are so wrong…

The People of America know what is going on and even if every single media bobblehead in America deny the truth it does not change the truth!

The Truth will be Revealed!

The Truth will come out and it is coming out!

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity

Look at the Ballots

The one thing that seems beyond belief here is that we have hundreds of thousands of suspect ballots.

No one has looked at them.

Is it possible that they do not want to look at the Ballots?

IF that is the truth then what can we expect in the future if anything concerning the truth about this election.

In the State of Georgia they have not done the right thing.

They have not looked at the mail in ballots that are alleged to have been either manufactured and or altered ballots.

IF this is true then there are so many issues that we cannot even begin to understand how bad that this has become.

WE have reports of the dead voting, we have numerous whistle blowers who are risking everything to tell the truth about this election.

Open up the Ballot Boxes.

Look at the Ballots in order to get to the truth.

The Media can no longer cry that there is no evidence when in fact there is so much evidence that it defies the imagination.

So much evidence.

But nothing happens?

How is this not the subject of an official investigation.

Why are we not hearing this on the News.

We must have a faithful adjudication and so far that is just not happening anywhere.