Used car dealers?

You know the old jokes about car salesmen…

buy here pay here (Forever and Ever)

You may have encountered one of these fast talking sales guys that just lied the entire time and over charged you for what turned out to be junk…

It is likely that most of us at one time or another have ended up buying something that we really did not want and probably could not afford in the first place. The real problem is that there are many of these “fly by night” used car dealerships, (stealerships?) That prey on those that have almost no choice when it comes to getting a used car financed.

They call these vultures of the junk yards buy here pay here or one of my favorite’s “On the Lot Financing” Meaning that if the car gets off the lot that is about all you can hope for…

High Mileage..

Huge mileages like 245,000 miles on a vehicle that is ten or more years old…

Folks IF you by chance are reading this and you do not realize it…

When a car or truck gets over 100,000 miles on it it is about wore out.

Why else do people trade in cars and trucks at three years old?

They trade in vehicles because they do not want the headache of fixing the vehicle, meaning that normal things that would be replaced have not been fixed or replaced.

Brakes, shocks, steering problems, front end issues, belts hoses alternators batteries and a lot more.

Front Axles that are just completely worn out. This is just a small list of things that you might encounter when buying a vehicle with over 100,000 thousand miles on it..

But wait, were talking 200,000 thousand miles and more right…

Oh yes and guess what the problems you encounter are going to be severe and expensive to fix or repair.

But the fast talking salesman will not tell you this and they will sit there and lie to your face about problems that they know exist but will never tell you about. I am sure there are a few decent used car STEALerships out there but I have not seen one in at least 20 years.

This problem has gotten so bad that the federal government and many states are getting involved in protecting Americans that have to deal with these sorry excuse for a business AKA used car dealer.

used cars and dealers that want to rob you…

I know what you may be thinking not all dealers are this bad but the problem is that a lot of just regular hard working folks out there just are not well educated when it comes to these buy here pay here lots.

First stay away…

Stay away from these buy here pay here or on the lot financing because you will end up paying more for the Junk (alleged junk) than you would pay for a newer car with a warranty.

Pay more in the long run and end up with a vehicle that no longer runs or drives… Is that possible…

Yes and in fact it is quite probable.

Most people see just the surface they need a vehicle and they do not want to drive a beat up junker, so they see mostly on the surface of things.

They might see new paint and think “its a great car or truck” But what about the accident that will cause your tires to wear out ten times as fast as a car or truck that was not in an accident?

These sorry car lots will lie to your face about the condition of a vehicle.

They will tell you (Yes) this was owned by a little old lady that only drove to church on sunday.

But the truth is very different.

High Financing..

How much will financing cost?

The average cost is between 19 percent and 37 percent.

Yes, 37 percent…

So you pay down $2000.00 No warranty expressed or implied.

You then owe two monthly payments (they sometimes call these bi weekly payments which is kind of ignorant but hey it’s a rip off folks) allegedly.

The average payment is 350.00 every two weeks.

That is 700.00 a month.

For a vehicle that already has 240,000 miles on it and is by definition already wore out.

How long do you have to make payments?

Once again the average is 36 months.

Add that up…

Go ahead, seriously add that up the down payment, the higher than normal interest and the length of payments along with the higher than normal payments.

You will find that you paid three times more for that junk vehicle than you would have if you had gone to a reputable dealer. (IF you can find one)

Watch out for the big bait and switch..

Right now there are dealers on facebook that are advertising the entire price of a vehicle as 1200.00 and the MSRP as 341.85

But that is not even real in fact it is against the law but facebook cares not when bucks are coming into the coffers of the great and mighty facebook.

What they mean is that you pay 1200 down and you then pay 341.85 every two weeks for 36 months.

But that is not all folks oh no there is more.

You see the reason why they want you to pay two times a month is that it doubles the price without you really understanding why.

Normal used finance rates are between 3.4 percent and 12 percent.

The monthly payment is usually around 350.00 to 450.00 depending on how new and yes how nice the automobile actually is.

So, if you are paying 350 times two that is the same as paying for two months on a better value at a better reputable business.

Your paying twice as much for a vehicle that cannot even qualify for financing. Wait did we say twice as much? No, think again, if you are paying 19 to 37 percent interest that is another two times.

So… Four times as much….

Please do yourself a favor do not ever go to a buy here pay here lot …

You will end up regretting it perhaps not right away but eventually it will sink in that you got taken advantage of and received nothing but a lot of grief in return.


Impeaching America…

Democrats have been trying to impeach the duly elected president of the united states of america since the 2016 election.

How is it possible that the media continue to distort the truth about what the democrats are doing. In many ways we have seen a lot of things go wrong about how the democrats have been attempting to try to impeach the president.

Why are they doing this?

The truth is that the democrats are attempting to annul an election.

An election that they do not like.

The democrats did not like it when all the fake polls that they created did not convince voters to vote for the candidate that they wanted to win.

They did not like it when the media failed in its effort to influence the election results in favor of the candidate that they wanted to win.

Democrats have tried to stop everything that president Trump has tried to do over the last three years.

Democrats have tried to stop the president from protecting americans from the violence of the southern border by building a wall to protect voters from murders who would think nothing about taking the lives of americans.

Democrats have done everything to make it easy for illegal aliens to get into this nation and receive all manner of free services from medical care to free school and even free college.

We have a serious problem in this nation and it is corruption in the media.

The media who stand behind the constitution and pretend to be the press.

The real problem is that they are not the press and they have failed to do the right thing. They are actively participating in the election process by using the influence they have to attempt to collude and influence the elections of the president of the united states.

When an organization fails to act as the press was originally protected by the constitution then they are no longer protected by the constitution.

The media are actively engaged in actions that in times past would be considered treason. The press are the tories of the past.

Tories, Royalists, or King’s Men at the time.  Tories were loyal to the king and as such were viewed as the enemy by Patriots who fought a war in order to have the freedom of the Constitution.

Is the Enemy back?

It would seem that the same type of situation where taxation without representation has been so ingrained in American culture that we now have many taxes in fact the state of Alabama recently began to collect taxes on internet purchases and they have done this by calling it a “use” tax.

This is no different than the taxes on products that were imported into the colonies.

Taxes on Tea to be precise.

Alabama is now essentially collecting taxes on tea and that is just not right.

Additionally the state of Alabama is now forcing people to pay income taxes on anything they sell even if there are no income taxes due?

The person responsible for that is a turncoat.

Just like the media we have people in government that are taxing everything in sight.

Property taxes… Advoleroum Taxes…

Tax upon taxes and taxes upon taxes…

WE have a serious problem because we have no representation. We are being ignored in congress because politicians are corrupt and in fact they are so corrupt that they no longer fear the voter.

There is a solution and it may not be perfect but our President is trying to do everything to keep his promises.

The promises that he made to the American people and the most serious issue that we have to deal with now is we have the media and the democrats that are attempting to usurp the american people.

Vote in 2020 because make no mistake we are voting for the soul of this nation.


democRats are not afraid…

When you consider that the biggest election in the history of our nation is right around the corner you have to really wonder why these people are not worried.

They appear to be willing to engage in any level of treason in order to get what they want…

That is something that should be very concerning for every American.

What is going on and why are these people no longer afraid of the people of the united states of america?

What is it that they believe?

is it really what it looks like? Are democrats really prepared to commit treason in order to win an election?
The answer to that looks like a yes because even now there is no rule of law for democrats. They are not worried and that should really worry you.

It seems like we are watching as a group of people are doing everything for illegal aliens including registering them to vote illegally in our elections.

So what is really going on?

We have the leader of the house which turned democrat when some districts in california were controversially elected by a process that favors one political party over another.

In California there is no equal representation.

You heard that correctly due to the way that elections take place very few republicans can get elected.

What this means is that of the millions of voters in california they never even got the opportunity to vote for a candidate that would represent them.

This created an imbalance.

That imbalance allowed the democrats to take over the house.

The real question here is what are the democrats willing to do to take over this nation from its own people?

The Answer is ANYTHING!

They are willing to do whatever it takes to dilute votes, allow people to vote more than once, allow undocumented illegal aliens to vote in its elections and in the elections of other states.

It is possible that they believe that with all of these actions that they can win the next election.

Even if the people vote to reject what they stand for they still expect to win just like the last one the only problem right now is how many people will stand up and be counted?

Will you stand up or will you just go on to work like thousands of other people who will not vote in this next election?

Will you stand up for America and its people?

How many people will stay home “thinking” that there are plenty of other people who will vote in the 2020 election.

This is what will make the only difference in this coming election.

Because if you stay home and allow someone else to take your place at the polls it might not be someone that would vote the same way and that is something that could prove the end of this once great nation.

Make no mistake we are still a great nation but we face an enemy that is willing to do anything in order to usurp this nation from its people. You might wake up in 2021 to find out that we are no longer free.

That you no longer have the right to protect your families.

You may not even have the right to own a car or a truck.

When insanity prevails it brings an end to all manner of civility because it allows evil people to do whatever they want to do.

Vote in 2020 or you might lose your freedom in 2021.


Child Exploitation?

Thunberg a victim?

German MP’s: Thunberg may be victim of child abuse

When you examine the linear position of the eyes one of them the left one is positioned at an angle suggestive of severe emotional disturbance perhaps even a mental health issue. (Another explanation) might be a medical issue. When the eyeball rolls partially back into the ocular cavity as shown in the image it could be an indication of a serious health issue. (it is not normal) Notice the baring of the teeth, the facial features appear to be one of extreme hate but how could that be possible? She is afterall just 16 right? How could she be experiencing hate to this degree unless… either it is a byproduct of programming or conditioning or a more problematic health issue. No matter what this child needs help…

either this child is in need of a medical intervention or she is as suggested a possible victim of abuse as the strange position of the eyes indicate possible serious mental health issues or worse yet a potential brain tumor. Whatever is going on with this young lady she needs to seek help.

Upward deviation of the eye or eyes

medical evidence and case studies.

Oculogyric crisis (OGC) is the name of a dystonic reaction to certain drugs or medical conditions characterized by a prolonged involuntary upward deviation of the eyes. The term “oculogyric” refers to the bilateral elevation of the visual gaze, but several other responses are associated with the crisis. There are indicators that could point to severe emotional disability and or a serious medical illness.


Treadstone sleeper’s

A new series at USA appears to be setup for a lot of success the plot concerns people who have been trained and indoctrinated by a shadow agency.

Looks like we have a winner folks…

This series has the potential to really get some serious ratings.

The possibilities are almost endless.

Just imagine at any time you could introduce a new character into the production stream and generate a new sleeper…

This could be a big hit..

Pardon the pun but when it comes to creating audience appeal the idea that anyone even someone you know might be a sleeper agent just waiting to be “activated” could really build up the kind of action and cliff hanger plots that audiences have been wanting..

Hopefully the writers will not mess it up with a lot of junk. . .

But hey if writers got it right all the time series would never be cancelled.

This one might be worthy of the franchise that is Borne and perhaps Borne Again…


Colt stops selling guns

To the Public?

I know what your thinking…

Here we go again with this nonsense about a big gun manufacturer that has decided to stop selling to regular people.

You know WE the People. . .

So now Colt could actually be about to cease selling guns to the public and only sell guns to law enforcement and the Government.

But wait, is it not tax dollars that support purchases from law enforcement and the government? Ah.. Yes that is accurate. .

So If I have this correct since Roughly 30 million Colt’s pistols and rifles have been sold since Samuel Colt got a patent in 1836 for a firearm equipped with a revolving cylinder containing five or six bullets, the Uzi of its day. Until then, the state of the art was a single-shot flintlock pistol.

But now Colt is not going to sell to the public anymore?


If you own one now how will you make repairs?

How would you be able to upgrade or purchase parts?

This seems like a rather ignorant methodology.

Why do these CEO’s continue to do this kind of thing?

One thing seems clear the government is the people.

We are the People and I suspect that congress can cancel orders made to this company. . .

Wonder how that will go over?

2020 election facebook investigation

Facebook censoring 911?

Today I witnessed something incredible…

I saw facebook attempting to censor (allegedly) a post which demonstrates what is wrong with social media…

Recently Attorney Generals from several states call for an investigation into facebook including Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia.

This is a problem because facebook is in a position to lie to everyone about everything they do not like…

What is wrong with the truth?

Why is it that facebook has a problem with the truth?

Take this example …

What is facebook afraid about the truth?

When you see an image like this one you wonder what is going on?

Why is facebook doing this?

What is the agenda?

Why is it that facebook believes that this image is a problem?

The title says that the image shown may contain cruel or insensitive content. Cruel to whom? Insensitive to whom? Think about that for a moment. You can see things on facebook that would make a billy goat puke. There are things shown on facebook that are truly repulsive in every conceivable manner but they are not hidden and they do not have to be UNCOVERED…

It would appear that the truth here is one that is not convenient…

Here is the image that facebook says may be cruel or insensitive.

Facebook is out of control and must be fixed because it is broken…

When you see a problem you have to address it and facebook is a problem not just because they have a different definition about the world but because they appear to want to change reality so that you think the same way that they think…

When you seek to deny the truth in favor of lies and evil humanity is lost and inhumanity becomes what you fear…

Think about it…

2020 election Politics

Elder Financial Abuse

Most of the time when you hear of a horrible situation that has occurred you think “How did this happen” Why didn’t someone say something?

In almost every situation it is a family member that creates financial loss for elderly persons in their care.


The problem is often very difficult to address which is one of the reasons why this issue is becoming so prevalent in our society today.

IF you see something say something that is what they say but what if you are not sure ?

El Paso Shooting suspect hispanic male

As many as 18 are reported as dead in a horrific mass casualty event described by the media as perpetrated by Patrick Crusius, 21 year old HISPANIC MALE. However, in a strange turn of events it appears that the media have decided to shift the facts of this story in favor of creating an agenda driven false news or “fake news” story by stating that Patrick Crusius, 21 is a white male? When clearly he is hispanic by surname and by just looking at him you can see he is hispanic.

Before saying anything at all concerning political news the media should acknowledge that it is a tragedy and a horror to see that so many people have suffered the loss of life and the grief of loved ones as well as the many that have been severely wounded foremost the thoughts and prayers for those who have been impacted in ways that will never be fully appreciated by the media.

Why the media falsely reported and focused on the color of his skin?

You can clearly identify this man as hispanic and that is not difficult to do at all. Yet the victims and the suffering of family members are disregarded by the media in favor of political considerations.

There will be more information that comes out including the reality of what the media have done here in intentionally lying to the public regarding the heritage of the suspect.

The important thing here is going to be the investigation of who this man is and what events led up to this terrible loss of life…

One thing is clear that yet again we have a situation where a lack of security was the primary issue! The reason these things do not happen in areas that are well protected by armed security is that criminals that choose to do these things choose a target based on the likely outcome. Simply put when you have enough armed security these criminals often choose other locations. This is the real issue. . .

2020 election Politics

Thought Police are here!

Minority Report…

Imagine what would happen if like the science fiction movie “Minority Report” is set in the near future where “thinking about a crime” could land you in jail.

While the movie is quite interesting and in some ways very scary the truth about the future is challenged.

Almost everyone in this fictional plot is absolutely convinced that an innocent man will become a murderer.

The truth is often different…

When you think about how often the media are intent on portraying a news story in a particular way and also often incorrectly people get hurt.

What would happen if one day it became illegal to think about doing something bad.

What if we are closer to the thought police than you ever thought !

More and more we are seeing a trend where the media create guilt or innocence depending on the color of skin or the political views of someone online.

The truth here is that no matter what it might look like skipping evidence and truth in favor of instant justice is just plain wrong…