Everything the Media wish you didn’t know is right here!

  • 40 million donations to Democrats in midterm elections?

    It seems a little on the insane side considering the election issues that have plagued American Election events over the last four years. But what is the real truth is it a problem? It is a problem… You would think that it is impossible to watch wealthy democrats putting this much money into an election […]

  • Child Labor?

    Many years ago there were serious problems with child labor and many of these problems became a movement. The biggest issue of child labor was that children were being literally worked to death. Images of the faces of haunted souls who worked until their fingers bled and then worked more. So there are hundreds of […]

  • high fuel prices Again!

    Well tighten your lap strap folks here we go again. In a quiet news story a big problem with the supply of Fuel in the USA! One of the biggest problems America faces is the supply of Fuel not because we don’t have any but because Political forces have created the problem that caused prices […]

  • Apple could lose Billions?

    Tim Cook will never be Steve Jobs … You can look around and see all of the problems that Apple has over the last few years and you could also say that many of those problem is due to poor decisions and poor leadership. How could Apple loose big money ? Simple all they have […]

  • Bad Quality Food…

    As most of the public is well aware the cost of Food has gone way up… We used to get a hamburger, fries and a drink for around $5.00 and sometimes even less. Usually the food was not all that great but it was fast and that was usually good enough. Things have changed now […]

  • crypto crypto is it all over now. . .

    To hear the bulls talking about crypto its all over now… Everyone is getting ready to lose all their money… But what if there were more to crypto than just money… What if there were more to crypto than just a blockChain… What if crypto were not what you think it is at all. What […]

  • fox news refuse?

    Is Fox News refusing to admit that the Republican party has in fact won the house back. You have to wonder why when some races are 10 points up and still no indication that the republicans have taken back the house from Nancy P… This issue invites the question when did Fox news become the […]

  • Democracy or Republic!

    This Nov 8th I voted for America! I voted for Fairness, I voted for a Republic of the People! I did not vote for the Media’s Version of Their Democracy where some people are excluded because only some people are counted Worthy. . .  That is what their version of a democracy is and you […]

  • Inflation…? or not!

    48 hours after the election and the media are lying to you again! What you have to be kidding… Well not really because that would be like watching a really bad movie on TV! Just a few weeks ago the Media came out with a news story saying that due to high inflation Social Security […]

  • Vote Fraud?

    AKA Electronic Cheating… We saw this happen and all of the world saw the truth about the last election. Most people have no idea how a computer works or how software works… If they were told that a computer actually does what the computer engineer tells it to do they could not explain how that […]