Nimarata Nikki Haley

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is expected to announce that after loosing 15 of the 16 states Super Tuesday election results that she will get out of the race for the nomination for the republican party.

What many do not appreciate is that this is a contest.

These contests are all about getting voters to vote for your ability to lead.

It is also very possible that Nikki Haley will not endorse president Trump even though she promised to do that and also signed a promise.

This explains everything when it comes to the idea that candidates for political office are just not trustworthy when it comes to keeping their word.

This is not really something that should happen.

People should do the right thing not act like immature children.

When someone makes a promise they should keep that promise.

IF as expected Nikki Haley fails to keep her promise then certainly she cannot be trusted to do anything ever again.

It can be hard to admit when you are wrong.

But it is the most important thing that we do as adults.

WE hope that she will do the right thing but it just seems like there are so many people that have just not grown up.

The media seem to focus on impossible answers.

The impossibility of people voting for president Trump.

On one of the Fox channels today they made the statement how can Trump get Nikki Haley voters to vote for him.

They say this with the suggested idea that it is impossible.

The problem is that this is not true because those voters did not belong to Nikki Haley.

She does not own the voters will.

Many of them will vote for Trump but the media want you to think that only they can tell you what will happen.

The media is dishonest.

Sadly many politicians are also dishonest.

WE need a media that will be honest but sadly that may not be possible.