Natural Immunity

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Is there such a thing as being immune?

The human Immune system has three different types of immune functions they work together to respond to a problem or a threat to the body. Naturally not every exposure requires a response as every human body is different. Some people are completely immune to the flu they do not get the flu it is a genetic property that constitutes about 70 percent of the population remain unaffected by the flu because that body is not susceptible to that virus. source.

The different types of human immunity are Innate passive and adaptive. (other mechanisms also work together to produce antibodies when required)

Innate immunity: Everyone is born with innate (or natural) immunity, a type of general protection

Adaptive immunity: Adaptive (or active) immunity develops throughout our lives

Passive immunity: Passive immunity is “borrowed” from another source and it lasts for a short time.


MRNA Vaccines employ a method of introduction to the human immune system that by passes the normal human immunity response.

Not everyone needs to be inoculated, some people have allergies that could create severe risk so saying that everyone needs to be vaccinated is not only ridiculous but incredibly ignorant. source.

Every person is different.

We eat different foods, we develop different immunities because this is how the human body has evolved.

Because we are all different creating a vaccine that produces a single dimension anti-body response which is predicated upon the same RNA using a messenger to deliver this (instruction to the body) is not how the body normally responds to a viral threat.

The real truth is that we do not really know what we can expect from these MRNA vaccines because it has not been studied.

It is Experimental.

Now having said that does that mean that these Vaccines are dangerous to the population as a whole?

We do not know that as yet.

That would be the most scientific answer however if you are inclined to gamble then we could say that it is somewhat unlikely that these vaccines would cause wide spread health issues but it is also important to understand that because we do not have supporting clinical data we will not have complete answers for up to five years.

It might well be revealed that there will be a certain percentage of the population that might experience some long term immune related diseases.

I trust my doctor.

When it comes down to it IF my doctor said that I needed to be vaccinated then I would likely follow that advice, I would evaluate that advice and then make a decision.

But as it is I have already had C19 and it was a very mild short lived illness that was not very disruptive to my overall health.

So, at this time taking a vaccine that manages a response that is not at this time necessary because of natural immunity is in this case is preferred to the MRNA vaccine.

Everyone should decide based on their own individual health and circumstances.

Personally I find it difficult to understand this idea that vaccination versus natural immunity somehow creates the need for paperwork or proof of immunity.

One thing that I can say with certainty is that when you see commercials for medications on TV and you hear the possible issues with taking that medication.

Those disclaimers are in place to deter lawsuits.

However Those medications and the companies that market those medications are not excluded from lawsuits.

So they disclose publicly all the different things that might go wrong based on clinical science.

They know that of the hundreds of thousands of people who will take the medications some people are going to have serious problems.

IF on the other hand those medications and those companies were given a pass and excluded from the risk of a lawsuit? I would challenge you this would they still warn you of potential problems?

Or would they just say its safe and effective?

Something to think about.