Media must be

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The Media Must be held accountable!

Over the last 20 years we have watched as the Media have constantly and consistently engaged in bias with a level of incredulity that frankly boggles the mind.

Perhaps that is what they want to do is to confuse the average person thinking that the average person is not capable of the intelligence to understand what is being done to them by the media.

Well, sadly at one time in our history we did have a large percentage of the population that did not know how to read.

That has changed drastically not only are there more people that can read than ever before with the internet many people are now much better educated than at any time in our history.

Simply Stated, People are not ignorant or they are not nearly as ignorant as the media seem to think that they are.

I can remember hearing Harry Reasoner, come on in the evenings and everyone would gather around the TV to hear the news.

It was not like it is now where various opinions are presented as fact.

What we see now is an intentional methodology that appears to be aimed at only telling one side of the story.

That is not News!

That is Propaganda!

Propaganda is something that is usually reserved for deception and disinformation but that is what we are seeing right now in the media.

Deception and Disinformation.

People know the truth even if the Media are not going to cover the truth and Facebook as well as other social media platforms have actively engaged in blacking out portions of new media that “They” Consider to be counter to their own opinion or point of view.

That is not Freedom!

That is Evil and it is something that may not stand!

We have seen what happens when the freedom of speech is denied to the people.

WE have seen what happens when only one view is allowed to be spoken.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ? Edmund Burke

The truth is not bullied about by cowards!

WE have seen many examples in history that demonstrate what happens when only one point of view is allowed to survive.

Silence is the tool of tyrants.

Yet the media want to silence everything that they do not agree with and that is not what the constitution protects.

The constitution protects publications but it is not a license to lie and deal falsely with the public.

The Media have proven that they cannot be trusted with this responsibility.

They will not or can not present factual information choosing instead to present opinion as if it were factual and that is not freedom that is enslavement.

The truth is something that is sacred.

It is something that God gave to mankind that cannot be taken away.

It is so sad to see the Media thinking that they are God…

Mostly because in the end they will acknowledge the truth but only after they no longer have a choice in the matter.

Take for example the following excerpt from an article about how the media played with the truth and lied to the public.

Now that the Mueller investigation is over and his report has shown that there was absolutely no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, the focus is rapidly turning to those that endlessly propagated extremely damaging conspiracy theories about the president of the United States.  For 675 days, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC engaged in a fake news binge unlike anything that we have ever seen before in all of U.S. history.  They relentlessly pushed out news story after news story touting that we would soon have “evidence” that Trump had colluded with the Russians when there was no evidence at all.  They kept telling us that “indictments are coming”, that “the noose is tightening” and that “the walls are closing in on this administration” when none of that was ever true.  The entire Russian collusion narrative was a piece of fiction created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team to explain her shocking election loss, but once it was embraced by the mainstream media and pro-Clinton members of federal law enforcement agencies it quickly snowballed out of control.  Now the time has come for the mainstream media to be held accountable for lying to the American people on a massive scale, and later in this article, I will explain how this can be done.

Obviously the time has come for some serious discussion into how the media have been systematically conspiring to engage in the influence and outcomes of elections.

They have never done this for republican candidates.

They only ever engage in the denigration of candidates and now we see how the media want to declare the election over.

They want to be in charge of who is president.

That should be obvious.

This is a very dangerous thing and it is also something that must stop.

It has to stop or else what has brought this nation to such greatness will end and with that end will come an end of the blessings of God which is what made this nation great in the first place.

Without that you have nothing.

So while the media may think that they have finally won…

What they will have when they are done will be nothing without God and that is sadly something that the media cannot comprehend nor understand in any way at all.