Media Guilty of HATE…

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Is the Media guilty of sponsoring hate that is creating situations where riots occur?

Is the media falsely pushing the Russian Hoax as if it were real?

That is something that America needs to take action and stop.



When you look at the definition for subversion you have to come to the conclusion that the media is doing this.

  1. the undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution.
    “the ruthless subversion of democracy”

    It should be scary for anyone to consider that we are witnessing a large and powerful media corporations that are intent on doing something that is a crime.

So, what can we as Americans do?

We can Vote for one thing but the Media are not policing themselves.

They are not behaving in the same manner as a citizen is expected to behave.

What they are doing is Treason.


Yet, you hear correctly, what the media are doing right now is treasonous.

They are taking actions designed to undermine our government.

They are acting in a manner that is creating damage to both the confidence placed in them by the constitution and by the American public.

The real problem we face here is one that has been going on for a long long time.

A Media Masquerading as the press.

But they are not reporting as the press anymore they are acting as a company that makes money when bad things happen.

They make money when riots happen.

They make money when the stock market goes up or down because of coverage they choose to report.

They are doing things that 99 percent of American Voters would be locked up and put in jail for doing.

But there is nothing that is happening to them right now?

They are not being punished.

They are not being held accountable.

They are not afraid of anything because they believe that they are above the law.

(IF this is what the LAW says that can be done to Americans by spreading lies and propaganda, then the law needs to change.)

We need to do something to stop this insanity and if the media will not do it on their own then congress needs to take action.

This must happen because what we are witnessing is criminal behavior by the media.

Reporting the news straight and not slanted or biased, that is what the press was designed to do by the constitution or empowered by the constitution  but that is not what is happening right now.

Simply put, this idea of making wild claims that are not supported by evidence or by the identity of a source is not news.

It is wild and criminal behavior that just cannot continue. 

We have to stand up to the media or we will become their slaves, perhaps that is what they want.

But I can tell you that my Father and my Fathers Father fought and bled for this nation as have many thousands who also laid down their lives for this great nation.

We will not be lied to by the media any longer.

Hate is Hate and it must stop.