Media complicit!

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One might wonder if indeed the media were complicit in the disturbing issues that appeared to take one candidate that had almost no campaign and perhaps may even have dementia and added thousands of unverified votes. It may even be possible that many of these were established digitally without a paper trial of any kind.

During the Election coverage the Media instantly showed established leads that would tend to make the public believe that the Biden campaign were far ahead of the Trump campaign.

The Media even made statements about early voting was the reason but when it became clear that there were far more Trump Votes than there were Biden Votes, something happened.

Reports starting coming in that ballot counting would stop…

Then later they started counting again only something very odd started to happen leads where the Trump Campaign had well established superiority were erased but there was no equal related vote for down ticket candidates… This is a serious signal that something bad happened and now the Media is yelling (with their bully megaphone) that anyone who thinks that something untoward happened is crazy… But we know human nature! If you spend any amount of time investigating crime you know that people are capable of just about anything. In fact if it were not for the occasional redemptive human interest story you would soon begin to expect that almost anyone is capable of very bad behavior indeed.

This is not something that is an opinion, Oh no no no, this is fact humans do some really messed up stuff and they do it for a lot of really messed up reasons. Some people end up involved in criminal issues and they never really meant to get involved but through ignorance or being susceptible to coercion they end up in as much or more trouble than the person that created the issue to begin with.

These people are for the most part good people but they somehow forgot to apply the brakes when they should have said No way, I am not going to do that, I suspect there are a lot of people out there that know exactly what is going on in regard to this election tampering investigation and hopefully those people will come forward and supply vital evidence before they end up getting caught anyway.

Often you see these issues pop up then go away because there is not enough evidence to support an investigation but that is not the case here. There is significant evidence and there are witnesses, Videos, likely even a paper trail. (The preceding statement is not based on any factual evidence but from experience in field interrogations and likely human intelligence when inexperienced subjects are involved in activity either they do not fully understand or are involved unwillingly) When you begin to examine these issues a number of red flags present themselves and likely there is significant forensic value in interviewing subjects concerning statements obtained by poll workers who may have become alarmed when it became apparent that what they thought was true turned out to be significantly different than the perception the subject thought were the facts of the case. This happens frequently in many cases where subjects who had no prior criminal history suddenly became involved in a criminal investigation. Any one of these issues might tend to make any investigator suspicious however given the higher number of votes that had to be invalidated in order to supply one political campaign with a perceived advantage they likely had to engage in activity that would be much easier to detect. In studies involving forensic examination of invalid ballots it was determined that it was very difficult to detect ballot manipulation when the amount of said tampering was low, fewer than 7 percent was almost undetectable. But higher numbers proved to be very detectable. (IF reports about numbers are correct then there is a strong possibility that these unknown subjects may have manufactured up to 40 percent of some voting blocks) The problem here is that they could have gotten away with it had they not attempted to manipulate such a large percentage of the vote in counties with long verified voting profiles. As it stands the Media attempting to yell and scream and call people names instead of actually investigating the ballots in question does nothing to dispel the suspicions. In fact it heightens the perception that something is very wrong because for the most part what the media does all the time is to lie about the truth!

Simply Stated! The Media cannot be trusted!