May the Space Force be with you…

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Well it appears that we may have the beginnings of a Space Force…

The first question is not do we need it but why not…

It is not like were going to be getting ready to wind up that hyperdrive unit and blast out to the nearest planet anytime soon.

But here is the thing, If we plan on securing our planets near (space) then we have to get started someday.

Why not today, sure it will take a while to create the kind of energy that will create a propulsion device capable of traveling in space for more than a few miles but unless we find ourselves being too ignorant to keep from destroying ourselves first then some day we will need it.

Instead of this being a cool thing which by the way it is, the Media have chosen to spin it like a mean kid with a magnifying glass.

What is up with the media these days anyway.

No matter what it is they are like “Agin it” LOL, for those reading from north of the Mason Dixon that means against it.

So you look at the coverage and as predicted IT is mostly negative.

They make fun of the idea, they call it nonsense, they say things like bureaucratic nightmare but if it were all those things then why are other nations also taking steps to do the same thing?

If other nations are creating and or planning on creating a space presence, then really what is up with how the media act?

They are children or more accurately bullies…

The media are bullies, they are so negative that it is not possible that they could really provide the news as the press was originally designed to do.

What they do now is something like George Orwell’s 1984.

A compendium of trash where nothing they say is true all you have to do is to take the opposite of what ever the media says and that is more true than any word coming from the mouths of the media.

Confusing, perhaps, Well leave you with this refresher course on what the media is all about.