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Energy is a big problem, we use a lot of it too but considering the resources that we do have, why not use those resources to reduce our dependence on foreign oil…

It just makes sense to do this for many different reasons.

There are only a small percentage of Americans that are against this and those people are not reasonable.

They do not provide for any meaningful voting block in any election.

They are not the majority.

They are the minority.

So why make threats about keystone?

That makes no sense at all, the truth is America need energy.

We have that energy in many different forms, yet we are stymied for no good reason, not even Washington really has a good reason to not support this.   Yet once again it appears that they are prepared to push their agenda on the voting public of America.

Do you think that in 2016 America will forget that Washington vetoed the keystone pipeline.

Think again, America does not depend on the media for its news, they have realized that the broadcast news companies have now become defunct.

They look to the internet for news.

2016 is coming quickly and people are tired of the delays that effect the price of gasoline.

Its time to send a message to Washington that voters will not stand for ideology that hurts Americans.