Kavanaugh hearings

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Democrats are attempting to overthrow the government of the United States of America.

The preceding headline should inspire every single person who is registered to vote to be certain to be voting in the upcoming November 6th Election because it is of supreme importance.

We have a few “Ring Leaders” such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy P and even some liberal RINO, republicans in name only who are behind this evil that we are all witnessing.

The truth here is that nothing has been proven because everything about this nominee is fine.

He has no history of this kind of behavior.

There is no evidence that he has ever engaged in this kind of behavior.

There are no credible assertions on record of any such behavior.

The real problem for the Democrats now is that accusations from almost 40 years in the past cannot be proved or not proved.

Thus they mean nothing.

Which is why democrats are trying to get the public and the media to convict this good man with no evidence of any wrong doing at all.

The truth here is that the Democrats have done nothing but increase the turnout for Republican Voters of which there are far more than democrats.