Journalism has died!

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Printed Media has passed away for the most part and has been replaced by digital media but that is not the entire story not even close.

The truth is that journalism has died and perhaps some time ago when news was once trusted by people and journalists like Harry Reasoner would appear on your television set to tell you what was going on in the world.

Sadly there the days of honest journalism are likely over.

What we have now are classes designed to teach journalists how to label real news as fake news. The term fake news was developed as a method of attempting to discredit digital news sources which the large media corporations could not control.

However a funny thing happened it backfired on them.

President Trump turned the tables on them and labeled them as the sources for fake news and it stuck.

Now we have a situation where journalists are trying to control everything and label it as true or not…

But another funny thing happened…

People did not believe the lies that these so called “fact checkers” were trying to do. The media has lost its credibility along with all of the lies that they tell every day most americans just do not pay attention to this nonsense and for good reason.

They lie.

Take for example a recent published article where the entire focus was about how to label everything that President Trump tweeted as fake news.

Take a look at this!


Do you see the bias in the above statement?

They suggest that journalists can push out stories to media feeds as a way of creating additional leverage against what is the truth.

In other words what they are suggesting is that they want to deceive people and they want to lie to people.

What they say is that practitioners may disarm Trump’s toxic rhetoric

imagine what it would be like if we had an honest conversation about the truth instead of finding methods of how to lie to people!

Why lie?

Why do these journalists lie to people?

Why do they continue to do the wrong things day after day?

The media is naked and exposed and the truth is clear!