Identity theft.

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I know this is likely to be something that you might wonder about however it is important because when learning how to spot a fake identity theft website where the intent is to steal your identity and credit card information.

Identity theft is a huge issue.

There is a new way that these dishonest vendors online are getting access to your credit cards.

Here is one example in particular.  (there are hundreds of these out there)

A weed eater attachment, which presents a really interesting gadget that attaches to a weed eater.

But the problem is that when you go to order they say that Hey, this has been so popular that we are currently out of stock.

Don’t Worry we will not charge your credit card until the item ships.

So you order thinking that in a few weeks you will get your neat gadget at a good price but that is not what is happening.

What is happening in the background is that they have stolen your identity and they are in fact creating a fake credit card with your name.

Be Aware…

There is a recent product link that is very popular.

But it looks like it could be dangerous.

Also, the price they are showing is $109.00

Well you can get the same thing right here for almost half of what that (questionable website is offering it for)

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