Hamlin clearly at fault?

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Well in the recent NASCAR news yet another wreck troubles the field, this time there was a good bit of “drama” which after looking at the video you can plainly see that Hamlin did hit her and He should not have been that close to her.

hamlin in the wrong

So if you examine this image you can see that all the “other” drivers in the field were driving nice, )  IT is interesting to look at the space that everyone else has been given but the media right away went after Danica Patrick.   Whats up with that…

Now I can see both sides of this however looking at how the other drivers

handled the same space in the field, you can see that there are some parts of the
track where space is given to avoid what happened in the video above, there are
some points in the track where you can make a move and others where you should not make a move.

Perhaps he was frustrated and wanted to get ahead but its not a good racing strategy, you take your time and make your move when the time is right.

In this case it seems clear the timing was way off here and while Danica perhaps could have performed a little better on the track, professional drivers give space when its warranted, perhaps its a learning moment for many.