Gun Control Betrayal

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While most Americans are going about their busy lives we have a congress that is in the process of betraying the People they claim to be representing in congress. 

More than this betrayal what is happening here is wrong and there will be a political price that will be paid.

If president Trump passes or fails to veto gun control measures that are not constitutional then I cannot vote for him again.

We see it time after time.

Only this time it is worse…

This time law enforcement failed to take action.

They failed to protect the kids at this school.

They failed to do their duty.

Some have even reported that the police that were “Waiting” in the parking lot were ordered to “Stand Down”

Even more reason why we as americans cannot allow congress to do nothing to protect the constitution while working in a sidious manner to undermine all the people of this once great nation.

If we do nothing while congress begins to create laws to disarm the people then we as a nation will fall.

Received in an email earlier today.

I hate writing to you in times like this, but I have to be very blunt with you.

Failed gun control policies reared its ugly head once again.

This time, seventeen innocent people were slaughtered in another “gun free” criminal-safe zone.

These egregious acts of evil continue to occur in areas where law-abiding citizens are stripped of their rights to protect themselves.

And in Parkland, Florida, teachers were left defenseless like sitting ducks, unable to protect their students.

I agree: we have seen enough of these senseless tragedies.

But politicians are scurrying to create more of the same types of dangerous laws that continue to embolden the actions of evil men.

And our predictable RINO U.S. Senator John Cornyn is leading the pack.

Instead of defending your right to keep and bear arms, Senator Cornyn is looking for ways to punish law-abiding Americans for the actions of an evil man.

And instead of leading the fight to remove dangerous “gun free” criminal-safe zones, Senator Cornyn is taking the easy path by waving the white flag of surrender.

Barely twenty-four hours after the horrific shooting Senator Cornyn signaled that he is ready to proceed with gun control discussions… and hand over your Second Amendment rights on a silver platter to the likes of Dianne Feinstein!1

I feel like I’m having déjà vu.

That’s because Senator Cornyn is just renewing his push for his dangerous Feinstein-Cornyn gun owner registry expansion scheme from 2017.

And he’s teaming up with the same gun-grabbing allies to continue “the discussion” on advancing gun control yet again.

But FOX News Pundit Tucker Carlson explains it best:

“That vital conversation has been drowned out and made impossible by mindless screeching about gun control, led by blustery charlatans in the media and in Congress…They aren’t trying to solve the problem. Their aims are darker.”2

Make no mistake. These gun control laws are not about safety, or protecting Americans from gun violence.

It is a direct attack on law-abiding gun owners.

It is a direct attack on working class Americans.

And it is a direct attack on those who voted for President Trump.

This is an outright betrayal by Senator Cornyn.

And his relentless assault on our constitutionally protected rights must not be tolerated! We can put an end to this madness.

Texas Gun Rights members and gun owners across America are already keeping Feinstein-Cornyn legislation bottled up in the Senate.

But I need your renewed support to hold back the coming gun control tidal wave.

Leaders across Texas are already speaking out against the anti-gun actions of Senator Cornyn.

In fact, our very own champion from the State Legislature, Jonathan Stickland, had some very strong words for our senior Senator when he said “John Cornyn needs to quit selling out conservative principles” and “I’m not going to sit quietly while he trashes our 2nd amendments rights.”

I couldn’t agree more.

So please chip in $25, or $15 to help Texas Gun Rights prepare to defend against the upcoming dangerous gun control!

Thank you for all that you do.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt

Executive Director

Texas Gun Rights