Giving Thanks for all good things

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There is a time in all our lives, Americans and everyone around the world are thankful.

We spend time in America, being thankful, though not as often with as much thanks as we should be giving.

We are Blessed to be able to choose to have a celebration of giving thanks and being thankful. 

    The proper thing to do during this time of year is to truly inspect your life and decide if you want to continue to pursue your dreams, no matter what that might be, from finally getting that swimming pool you have always wanted to restoring that old 50s chevy, its about the freedom to be free and being thankful that you have opportunities in this life.

Not everyone does have that freedom and opportunity and some of those people think that is not fair. 

Some of those people would take from you and pretend to give it to someone else usually with no freedom of choice in the matter nor for any great benefit for that other person.

But yet they would choose to do unto others without regard to that persons right to choose.

   WE have the right to choose it is something that God gives us which cannot be taken away no matter how many men try it is impossible to take it from you. 

You have a choice, make it a good one, make it about freedom and the American Way, Eat some Turkey, sit in front of the TV and doze off as you watch some Sports or that crazy Christmas Story over and over again.

The one thing that is constant is this simple little thing, you can choose to do what you want to do, at least now you can, that may change in the future, which is what this upcoming election is all about, choosing Freedom or Disaster, Good or Bad, what will we do and what challenges will we as a nation face.

Will we choose a continuation of failure?

Will we choose to go back to the old ways?

Will we choose a better future?

Those things we can only hope about at this point in history, is America done as a nation?

I think not, we are not what our leaders think we are, though many of us are certainly challenged in thinking and doing at times.

We are the People…

You cannot take away our choice….