Fraud in Alabama Special Election?

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There are always voting irregularities in an election however it appears that there may have been more problems with this special election than normal.

Corrupt Establishment Orchestrates Yet Another Successful Attack on the People: Roy Moore Loses Senate Race, AL Supreme Court Allows Destruction of Voting Records

But did he really loose the seat or was there something else going on…

When faced with the very real issue of illegal votes being cast in the special election a prudent man examines what might be done to confront the issues.

Evidence of Voter Fraud in Alabama As Mobile County Results Come In Late


So will there be justice in Alabama or will we just watch as an election was tampered with in so many ways including Richard Shelby encouraging his own party to nullify allegedly their votes by voting for a write in candidate?

What kind of man betrays his own part and his own supporters?

 Should Richard Shelby be prosecuted under the provisions of the hatch act?