fox news refuse?

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Is Fox News refusing to admit that the Republican party has in fact won the house back.

You have to wonder why when some races are 10 points up and still no indication that the republicans have taken back the house from Nancy P…

This issue invites the question when did Fox news become the arbiter of public voting over States!

At some point what appears to have happened here is that the News Media have attempted to take over the election process!

Why ?

What Right do the Media have to interject their opinions over the States Rights!

The answer is the media do not have the right to actually CALL a race for one political or another.

IF they did have that right then voting would be meaningless and that is the real danger of allowing the media to continue to interject itself between the voter and the state.

This media issue is a real problem for many very valid reasons.

The largest of which is that it is common to see the media “Call” a political contest with different criteria.

In a recent contest in Nevada Fox news called a race only after one political party managed to gain a small percentage of lead and that was really interesting because the contest is still being audited by the state and that information could change, So why do we allow these media companies to make a CALL when it is obvious that they have a bias that is apparent in the reporting process.

We have to take a long look at what companies like Fox News is doing.

Along with CNN, NBC, CBS, and others who often make predictions and present polls that later turn out to be mistaken or outright fraud.

The news media is not capable to presenting unbiased data.

On election night.

Fox news began to use democrat talking points when reporting on election data.

This is a real issue not only for voters but for states that have the final authority in announcing races not the media and not Fox News.

Fox news is not unbiased they lean left and that may be because they are afraid to report accurate information.

One of the most serious problems is the way that Fox news was on election night delaying data reporting and really there is only one reason to do that!

Delaying election data is a problem.

Because it invites the idea that companies like Fox news could do this for purposes of creating drama and increasing revenue through advertising.

This is not right and it should not be allowed!

The media have been more to the left than the center and even fox news who went left before, during and after the last election have not changed!

Congress needs to examine what the media are doing and put an end to the foolishness.