Fox News and the Freedom of the truth?

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In the past we used to think that people are free to express their opinions and indeed that freedom is written down in the Constitution. 

The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This really says it all but is it really something that you can do or is it something that others decide if you can have that right or not. 

In broadcast journalism often it seems that we do not have the right to freedom of speech or opinion or closer to the truth we only have the right to opinion when that opinion is the same as those broadcasters, publishers like Fox News. 

In some ways you can understand that publishers like Fox News might need to control some of the content that we see however there is a thin line between controlling the things that hosts say on TV and suppressing all other voices and opinions. 

When you choose to suppress opinions because those opinions are not in agreement with what you believe to be true then you begin down a slippery incline. 

We will never be in complete agreement on everything but there seems to be this idea that when it comes to the media its only one view point or a very limited discussion of point counter point. 

When there is no other opinion allowed this is not freedom. 

At one time most people believed the world to be flat. 

Sadly there are some that still think this though you might wonder why they want to believe that when we have overwhelming proof that is not true. 

The main reason why people are upset with Fox News is that they have chosen to limit the discussion and if you don’t have the same view as they do then you are silenced. 

That is why people are turning against Fox News even though Fox might be one of the few media outlets that permit discussion they have betrayed the people and the advertisers that once trusted them to do the right thing. 

It is a great responsibility to report the news and sadly the media as a whole has left that behind and instead have focused only on one point of view. 

Any one that dares to disagree are silenced and fired. 

This is wrong and we have known that this is a problem for a long time yet still we struggle with this elite mentality of my way or the highway feeble thought processes. 

When you decide that you are right and the whole world is wrong and you then proceed to silence those that say the world is not in fact flat then you are part of the problem. 

Fox News has become a problem but there are many others that are worse. 

Eventually we will loose the freedom of speech entirely and it will be because companies like Fox News who have failed to uphold the standard. 

What is the standard. 

The standard is a simple one and that is to report the truth free of opinion and it is this freedom that the constitution was created to address. 

When companies like Fox News fails this standard they are participating in the ruin of society because we trusted them to do the right thing and at one time in history it was this standard that was the most prized possession of all mankind. 

We trusted the media to act in a way that revealed the lies concealed in the darkness. 

News papers reported horrible truths about children made to work in horrible conditions that often resulted in their deaths and if they had failed to report those truths our world would have been affected in a terrible way. 

What if in the past the news papers had just done what Fox News is doing today to participate in the lies to allow children to be destroyed all because they were afraid to report the truth?

That would have been horrible and frankly unthinkable but that is what we are faced with today and if you dare to name the truth you are labeled by more lies you can even loose your freedoms. 

They call you names they say your crazy… 

That is not the Spirit of America that was born in 1776. 

People are upset with Fox News because we needed them to report the truth but they have failed us and it seems like they are not going to do the right thing at all. 

America is based on freedom and that freedom was not free it came with a price that many men and woman have freely paid with their lives. 

How can we sit here and do nothing when evil appears to be in control and it seems like no one is willing to do anything to stop it. 

For the last several years we have seen lies reported as if it were fact. 

We have seen this over and over again and even when those lies are revealed as lies they still refuse to report the truth. 

Companies like Fox News have a duty to do the right thing but they appear to not be all that interested in actually doing the right thing. 

Fox News like most other media companies make money by advertising. 

They sell time during their broadcasts often to other companies that are willing to pay a lot of money to have an advertisement shown to those that are watching the programming in the news. 

When these companies refuse to do the right thing and “sell out” that trust that the people have in the media then that advertiser has become a participant in the lies and in the half truths that often are part of the programming. 

Perhaps that is why they call it programming. 

This should not be… 

When an advertiser supports the programming of a media company by paying for that advertising there comes a point where the content begins to act in such a way that the viewer is harmed by the content more so when that content is not truthful. 

This is what is wrong with just about all of the media and you can see it in how much money they make. 

When you think about it, the more lies the media tell and the more often then try to suppress the truth the less money they make and you can see that in other media companies that have already told so many lies that they are close to financial ruin yet they still keep on doing what is wrong. 

Fox News is headed down this road and if they continue to believe that people are not smart enough to see what they are doing then they will continue to make less money. 

Like so many other people I am disappointed in how Fox News has chosen to do business and like so many others I am tired of all the lies in the media even when we can see the truth they continue to lie about it. 

They say you did not really see that video that proves the truth … 

Like the Star Wars movie where the Jedi say “these are not the droids you’re looking for” this implies that people that have weak minds can be controlled by the “force” but it is that force that the media have a responsibility to uphold. 

The force in this case is responsibility to do the right thing. 

It would seem that for more than 40 years we have slowly watched the media become more corrupt until we are now looking at an event where even video evidence that proves what they are saying is a lie is suppressed by those people we trust to reveal the truth of lies. 

They believe their own lies and that is the most dangerous harm of all. 

There can be no freedom when only one way of thinking is ever allowed and when that happens we can no longer grow as God intended. 

When we are faced with harm because of a few people who are rich and powerful that never ends well and that is what will happen in the future if companies like Fox News continue to refuse to report the truth and suppress freedom by silencing voices that are important to our future. 

Fox may not go out of business but they will become more like CNN and they will never grow or thrive in the future and that is a shame but if they cannot tell the truth or report the truth then that is what they deserve. 

Fox does not deserve to become wealthy by enslaving people by their lack of conviction and their failure to do the right thing.