failure to protect

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What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Deputies called to suspected shooter’s home 39 times over seven years



Are you kidding me…

If someone is obviously mentally ill enough to be a risk to himself and others as well as the community then why did law enforcement respond to this alleged shooter’s address so many times and yet there was still no action taken…Just consider what this means…

We are talking about enacting additional gun control laws to stop the situation in parkland Florida.

That is what congress is talking about fixing what caused this problem?

That is frankly offensive.

What this should demonstrate here is that gun control laws are not the way to fix this issue.

What caused this problem was a failure of the “Authorities” to take some evident action in terms of this “Risk”


39 times 39 opportunities to stop the needless loss of life.

Tell me what gun control law will fix that problem?

The only people that could really stop this problem were not able to do it.

What laws that are not already on the books that are not already in place would make a difference?

When you first begin to think that you can stop the actions of someone that is an obvious risk what makes you think that any law passed would actually have an effect when something this out in the open could go on and no one did anything at all to stop it?

That is what is truly maddening here is we have a group of people that want to push an agenda that has failed over and over again and yet we have a president and congress that appear to be eagerly rising to the media “bait”

They appear to have no reasoning skills when it comes to figuring out what to do to reduce the opportunity for these horrible situations to take place.

So what is happening here is that we have people talking about doing what former President Obama was planning on doing.

That is the solution that you people believe is going to be effective?

Really think about it because that is exactly what the democrats and some republicans and in fact apparently the President…

They are talking about profiling millions of people who have committed no crimes, who have not broken any laws, who in fact are not even a risk at all but hey who cares right, forget the law lets just take their guns.


The subjective part of this is some convoluted idea that the estimated 39 million people who are taking medications are all not fit to have a gun?


The real problem is not subjective but OBJECTIVE risk.

Less than five people in five years have been on medication and proceeded to do horrible things and guess what not all of them were done with a gun many more were done with knives.

So doing the estimated math here there are more than 30 million people out there that are taking medications and are not committing crimes.

These millions and millions of people are not having law enforcement show up to their homes.

They are not a risk but with this new gun control bill and the “blanket type” subjective idea that anyone on medication is a potential risk…

That is the same kind of sick mentality that created the opportunity for the murder of hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians.

That is how it starts, you put a blanket law into place and then in the “name” of preventing bad things from happening they come and they take all of your guns.

Then a few years down the road something horrible happens and all those people that depend on the laws to protect them find out just how useless a law can be when criminals show up with the intention of doing you harm.

Gun control has failed it is time to do something that actually works.

Protect our children as well as you protect the judges and lawyers in your local court houses.

That is something you can do that will actually work.