democRats are not afraid…

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When you consider that the biggest election in the history of our nation is right around the corner you have to really wonder why these people are not worried.

They appear to be willing to engage in any level of treason in order to get what they want…

That is something that should be very concerning for every American.

What is going on and why are these people no longer afraid of the people of the united states of america?

What is it that they believe?

is it really what it looks like? Are democrats really prepared to commit treason in order to win an election?
The answer to that looks like a yes because even now there is no rule of law for democrats. They are not worried and that should really worry you.

It seems like we are watching as a group of people are doing everything for illegal aliens including registering them to vote illegally in our elections.

So what is really going on?

We have the leader of the house which turned democrat when some districts in california were controversially elected by a process that favors one political party over another.

In California there is no equal representation.

You heard that correctly due to the way that elections take place very few republicans can get elected.

What this means is that of the millions of voters in california they never even got the opportunity to vote for a candidate that would represent them.

This created an imbalance.

That imbalance allowed the democrats to take over the house.

The real question here is what are the democrats willing to do to take over this nation from its own people?

The Answer is ANYTHING!

They are willing to do whatever it takes to dilute votes, allow people to vote more than once, allow undocumented illegal aliens to vote in its elections and in the elections of other states.

It is possible that they believe that with all of these actions that they can win the next election.

Even if the people vote to reject what they stand for they still expect to win just like the last one the only problem right now is how many people will stand up and be counted?

Will you stand up or will you just go on to work like thousands of other people who will not vote in this next election?

Will you stand up for America and its people?

How many people will stay home “thinking” that there are plenty of other people who will vote in the 2020 election.

This is what will make the only difference in this coming election.

Because if you stay home and allow someone else to take your place at the polls it might not be someone that would vote the same way and that is something that could prove the end of this once great nation.

Make no mistake we are still a great nation but we face an enemy that is willing to do anything in order to usurp this nation from its people. You might wake up in 2021 to find out that we are no longer free.

That you no longer have the right to protect your families.

You may not even have the right to own a car or a truck.

When insanity prevails it brings an end to all manner of civility because it allows evil people to do whatever they want to do.

Vote in 2020 or you might lose your freedom in 2021.