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Its in the news every other day…

But do you really know about what crypto actually is?

Chances are you may have heard about crypto and the chances are even greater that you may not really understand it much.. 

Even if you do have a technical mentality most people that do know what crypto is just do not fully grok it. 

If you know what Grok means you are well on your way to being both a star Trekkie and leaning more about Crypto. 

How can I learn more about Crypto?

There is a lot to know and much more than the average person even realises. 

For many years people that were interested in all kinds of science based information as well as computers were often referred to as geeks and at first it was not really a good thing. 

They say that girls love big time geeks but while that may sound cool it’s really not the case at least not that most geeks have noticed. 

Crypto started out as an experiment between a few “Geeks” the first beta version of Bitcoin mining, which at the time it was not even called that came out in 2008, at the time bitcoin was worth nothing… 

Not even a penny… 

In fact one of the first people to run the bitcoin client said that if bitcoin were one day worth a penny a piece they would have $14.00 in bitcoin. 

So, what is the big deal about crypto anyway. 

Well, that is a tough question but one that you can learn more about with a free subscription to this very informative street level daily email Mon to Saturday once a day you can get great information that you will not find in many places and you might also get a laugh too. 

The initial draw for techies and yes geeks was and still is the nature and use of cryptography (see how that works). 

In cryptography Cryptography, or cryptology, is the practice and study of techniques for secure communication in the presence of adversarial behaviour. More generally, cryptography is about constructing and analysing protocols that prevent third parties or the public from reading private messages. 

Keeping private messages private that was and is something that many geeks find fascinating in many different ways. 

In fact a lot of early bitcoin miners lost their keys or lost the hard drive that the bitcoin was stored on it is estimated that up to 50 billion dollars of bitcoin has been lost forever. 

While some people think that it might be possible that some large bitcoin files may actually still be owned and just waiting for the right time to sell. 

Still its something that in 2008 was not of much interest because bitcoin was not worth anything at all. 

But now things have changed, even though the price of bitcoin has gone way down in the last year or so more recent changes have created opportunity that no one thought about in 2008. 

Did you know for example you can get STX which is a very exciting project that allows you to “stack” coins in such a way that you actually earn a small amount of bitcoin. 

Check out this resource …

The average rate varies sometimes depending on how many coins you own and can stack but it averages out to between 8 and 13 percent, also depending on various factors, like the going price of STX and other factors. 

STX was trading for around $1.50 cents up to $2.00 per coin just before the big crypto crash which was blamed on many different things but really came down to one big problem that was that FTX became insolvent but that was not the only reason for more than a year now the prices of many crypto projects have gone down and in some cases they have gone away and some people do not realise that some of these projects that are still actively being traded are actually gone.   No developers, just traders doing stuff that you might not understand well. 

Stacks went down from that high of around $2.00 to a low of around 20 cents, then it came up to around 30 cents. 

Just in the last two weeks the price of stacks has increased by 160%

You might think that its too late but no its not, of course now is a good time to insert the obligatory disclaimer, (this is not financial advice we are not associated with any crypto and you are as always encouraged to do research and get professional advice)  so with that out of the way and be assured we mean it, we do not give out financial advice.   

The biggest thing to know about crypto is that it is not going away. 

Some people do not like it because they can’t control it. 

Crypto is not like the stock market. 

But in some cases many traders are trying to apply stock market tools to crypto and that is a huge mistake. 

There are many different kinds of stock and also many different kinds of crypto but that is about the only things that the stock market and crypto have in common. 

If you want to know more about crypto and all of the different things that are out there education is the key here and this is one of the best methods of learning. 


GET Educated.