crypto sell buy ?

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Everything changes when trading there is a somewhat high learning curve but the returns have been much better for Crypto investors than traditional stock traders.

So, what to do with Crypto, buy it Sell it or Trade it?

You can do all of those things and a lot more.

Crypto is really more than just a digital currency in a lot of ways crypto is not really what most people think it is.

There are a lot of different types of products.


Decentralized finance.

This is something that wealthy people have had for years.

Access that is used to be only available to the wealthy.

That has changed and in many ways the wealthy are all about keeping these new tools out of the hands of the regular person.

Why you might ask.

Possibly because they (the wealthy) think that your not smart enough to use these tools and that for your own good you really should not be allowed to use these tools to make money.

After all they are the ones that are in the best position to decide what you should and should not be able to do right?


So while we watch congress attempt to make laws and rules concerning the public’s use of crypto and the average politicians net wealth averages more than 40 millions dollars it can be a little disturbing to see all these rules that they think they need to create for you but not for them.

So when will we start to see laws that are written for everyone and not just you and me but for those that make the rules as well…

There are a lot of really good things about this new and very modern modality of crypto and how it works and a lot of people have no idea that the average bank is paying less than one quarter of one percent.

While it is possible to easily find crypto deals that pay 5 to 12 percent on a regular basis that’s better than any CD out there right now.

A prime example is STX which is paying around 11.57 percent right now with a minimum of 100 STX to get started that’s roughly 38 to 40 dollars. Take one of the bigger investments groups which has a minimum of $5000.00 just to open an account the average percentage return is less than 4 percent.

If you want to have full service access to a trading platform you are going to need $25,000.00 just to open an account.

When you look at the low entry point for defi and crypto this is the people’s future.

Congress is doing everything it can to limit and to destroy crypto but that is not going to ever happen they cant control it.

The main reason why then can not control it is they do not understand it.

Many of them do not even really understand facebook or twitter.

This is why you should figure out where you will enter the market.

The people who have run finance for years are about to be on the sidelines without any real understanding of how they lost their jobs because many of them never really embraced the internet.

So, seriously consider getting a crypto education because traditional investments are being left behind by more and more investors…

What is really more interesting here is the fact that the stock market wants to see the crypto market conform to the way that the stock market has been run for years.

They want to control digital currency in all its modalities but that is just not going to happen.

They think that they can control it but they are mistaken.

Again get educated because the longer you wait to understand what is changing about this new digital frontier the more money you are losing. . .