Cruz Attacks Rubio?

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Over the last few weeks, you may have noticed that Cruz seems to be attacking Rubio.

That may well backfire…

Some attack ads have appeared that seem to allegedly twist the truth. 

Rubio has said that its deceptive and that might allegedly be true. 

It seems odd that Cruz is attacking Rubio, when Trump appears to be ahead of everyone, that is unless the media are plying their trade as some have suggested.

When you examine exactly what has been said, you can see the deception, even Bill o’reilly of Fox News, played the spin game last night when he seemed to ignore the obvious facts that the attack ad focuses on.

Sometimes we worry about Bill. 

Were not sure if Bill is slipping up or just may not have a fully open mind, they seemed to suggest that because Rubio attempted to move some kind of legislation through on immigration that he was guilty of some kind of blasphemy.

What was really interesting was that apparently no one at Fox news or the media in general appeared to equate to the idea that the Bill did not pass.

At least he tried to do something.

Good right or wrong, he was trying to do something to address what is a big problem, he said he learned something, now that is an honest man, so it would appear that by ignoring the obvious things in that statement, that others are being dishonest including Cruz and bill o’really.

In a time where most politicians are going to Washington and giving up and throwing up their hands or passing the bowl full of water, its refreshing to see that someone is trying to do something.

The one thing that I know is the truth is that were no where near as ignorant as the media seem to think were are.

I was thinking when I saw bill o’really sitting there pronouncing judgement that it was obvious to me and others, (Many Many others) that Bill was allegedly ignoring the truth in favor of ratings or for what ever reason he thinks makes sense.

One thing I have noticed over the last two years is that Bill seems to be quick to judge but slow to admit, (if he ever does) that he is wrong about something.

Of course you can always ignore the truth where opinion is concerned.