Comey Memo?

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What if there is no Spoon?

Ok, yes its a little crazy but what if there is no Memo either…

These days its almost like when we see a story published by the Media we have to start to question reality.

What if there never was a memo?

What if everything  you think you know is only one side of what the truth really is?

That would be a bit like waking up and finding out that the Matrix is actually real right?

We tend to look at life as if it is only made up of a stream of events that we either believe is true or we understand that opinion is something that can be subjective.

Right now the Mass Media are doing everything they can think of to try to see if there is anything they can continue to report about with respect to the false story and now proven Fake News that has been running in the cable and broadcast journalism markets.

We see nothing about what the reality actually is. 

All the while we see large media is moving ever closer to insolvency and bankruptcy because they refuse to understand the true nature of life in a digital age.

Everything has changed we are a digital world now yet the media still do not understand this essential fact.

They continue to lie to the public and to deceive the public.

They do not seem to understand that freedom of the press does not include reckless acts.

The famous statement that yelling Fire in a theater is not free speech.

Interested in a different viewpoint?

What we have seen over the last several years is like watching something out of a movie.

When is enough?

We essentially have a media that is interfering with the election process in a meaningful way.

They are doing things that make the Russian Collusion “Story” look like a bad spy movie plot.

Yet, you see very little information about the background of James Comey…

Why is that?

What about the gentleman that Comey choose to “leak” information which ended up in the press?

What background or ideological persuasion does he exhibit?

What happened to the “Rest of the story”