democRats are not afraid…

When you consider that the biggest election in the history of our nation is right around the corner you have to really wonder why these people are not worried. They appear to be willing to engage in any level of treason in order to get what they want… That is something that should be very […]

Child Exploitation?

Thunberg a victim? German MP’s: Thunberg may be victim of child abuse When you examine the linear position of the eyes one of them the left one is positioned at an angle suggestive of severe emotional disturbance perhaps even a mental health issue. (Another explanation) might be a medical issue. When the eyeball rolls partially […]

Treadstone sleeper’s

A new series at USA appears to be setup for a lot of success the plot concerns people who have been trained and indoctrinated by a shadow agency. This series has the potential to really get some serious ratings. The possibilities are almost endless. Just imagine at any time you could introduce a new character […]

Colt stops selling guns

To the Public? I know what your thinking… Here we go again with this nonsense about a big gun manufacturer that has decided to stop selling to regular people. You know WE the People. . . So now Colt could actually be about to cease selling guns to the public and only sell guns to […]

Made up news stories?

Has the news become entertainment? The truth can be difficult to figure out these days with so many Media outlets that ignore real life in favor of some half true but seriously misleading headline instead of what is really going on in the world. We see it every day and it is becoming such a […]

reform the Media?

Is it time to reign in the out of control media giants? It is hard to imagine a more dire threat to this nation than a media that is no longer behaving as an American entity but instead is acting in direct opposition to this nation and its people? Is that what we are facing? […]