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  • fox news refuse?

    Is Fox News refusing to admit that the Republican party has in fact won the house back. You have to wonder why when some races are 10 points up and still no indication that the republicans have taken back the house from Nancy P… This issue invites the question when did Fox news become the […]

  • Democracy or Republic!

    This Nov 8th I voted for America! I voted for Fairness, I voted for a Republic of the People! I did not vote for the Media’s Version of Their Democracy where some people are excluded because only some people are counted Worthy. . .  That is what their version of a democracy is and you […]

  • Inflation…? or not!

    48 hours after the election and the media are lying to you again! What you have to be kidding… Well not really because that would be like watching a really bad movie on TV! Just a few weeks ago the Media came out with a news story saying that due to high inflation Social Security […]

  • Vote Fraud?

    AKA Electronic Cheating… We saw this happen and all of the world saw the truth about the last election. Most people have no idea how a computer works or how software works… If they were told that a computer actually does what the computer engineer tells it to do they could not explain how that […]

  • Media plans cover story…

    What is it you ask? Already the Media are preparing for a serious election issue… They are preparing for being proven wrong… They are preparing for being shown up by the truth… They are preparing for the event that voters will come out and vote for America! They are preparing for democrats that are voting […]

  • used car dealers?

    Used car dealers have for many years been associated with criminal behavior. With the Offensive prices being asked for used vehicles recently most used car dealers should be locked up in jail… I have a friend that is looking for a used car so I have been doing research to see what is available and […]

  • Inflation!

    The cost of everything has gone up! More than anyone can even understand! Yet for the average person wages are the same! Families have to pay twice as much for most things they purchased just three years ago. Some of this is Greed! Yes, the media show a news story about how the price of […]

  • crypto sell buy ?

    Everything changes when trading there is a somewhat high learning curve but the returns have been much better for Crypto investors than traditional stock traders. So, what to do with Crypto, buy it Sell it or Trade it? You can do all of those things and a lot more. Crypto is really more than just […]

  • AP Fact check?

    You know years ago the AP was a respected news organization… What happened to the AP anyway? The reason why the AP has degraded into a pit of darkness is something of a mystery but only to those that are running this organization into the ground. What is this anyway? FACT checks ? I know […]

  • A leaderless Nation.

    We find ourselves in a time of great peril when most of America are wondering who is really making decisions. Today as most of America were wondering what is the next crisis that Americans will have to face We learn that a Banana Republic Move was made bypassing the usual and normal use of the […]