Born Alive? Bill Failed…

It may be difficult for 9 out of 10 Americans to understand why our congress failed to protect the lives of babies… I certainly find it impossible to understand it myself. 90 percent of American Voters are against the practice of taking the lives of children. Yet, our Senate could not find enough votes to […]

Destroying the Presidency

We might very well be watching something unfold where the powers of the president of the United States of America are being deleted. That seems insane right? That just seems like ignorance and it is impossible that these situations could be happening… Everything that this president has done there are people lining up to try […]

Chicken Little Emergency!

Ok, here it is folks we are now in an Emergency Situation and the reason is clear we have people in Washington DC that are the problem… They are the reason we are having so many problems, problems that could be solved were it not for people who have been in Washington DC so Long […]

Nancy Pelosi medical issues?

Is Nancy Pelosi qualified for service as speaker of the house? This is really a serious problem that affects all of america yet nothing has been done to address this issue. Speaker of the house? Is it time to insist that someone with a serious medical issue not be allowed to serve… Sign the Petition…

Impeach Nancy Pelosi?

Should Nancy P be removed from office? Obviously there are numerous reasons why this woman may not be fit for office including the possibility of a serious “health” condition which would disqualify anyone else living in this nation from serving as “speaker of the house” Sign the Petition. This video will show anyone that Nancy […]

Lying Fake news Media?

The truth about the media is out there… Yes it is and people can tell you want it means to watch someone lie to your face. We deal with this on a regular basis, honesty like the song by Billy Joel it’s hard to find… But and of course this is improper in the modality […]

We the People Build the Wall

After years and years of being ignored by Washington DC… Finally we the people are sending a message to the Swamp… They can no longer ignore the People. Build the Wall… If you are tired of the lies from lifetime politicians who have become wealthy while standing on the backs of the people of America. […]

Florida election corruption

There are reports from many different sources that indicate that there are serious problems when it comes to elections in some areas of Florida… This is a problem for many good reasons but what is really scary is the idea that no one admits that there is a problem. Even when faced with video evidence […]

Democrats plan funtime fiasco

It appears that the democrats are planning on creating as much turmoil for the Whitehouse than ever before. In fact just about everything that President Trump does do is challenged. I just wonder is it really worth it? What appears to be happening here is that the democratic party is exactly what they accused the […]