democrats setting bad example?

Is it true that democrats are setting a bad example for the rest of America? You could say that this is a common theme with democrats. However the biggest problem now for democrats is not what they plan to do it is how they have done things for the last six years.

President prepares to Dictate…

What could possibly go wrong after all the president is doing what “HE” think’s is best for our nation… ¬†Are we on the edge of something big? ¬†Shouldnt we take a step back and count the cost. Cool Song… Kinda Katching on…. What if what one man thinks is not the truth for everyone else… […]

Compromise double standard

The media have already picked up the liberal talking points. That points are that if republicans want to get anything done they will have to compromise. So, to fully understand this strange out of touch manner that the democrats want to push, you have to find a way to be much more ignorant than you […]

The right Stuff

This morning the people have spoken and that means that Harry Reid is now Fired. The truth is clear the party of No was lead by Harry Reid. So who exactly is the party of NO…. Seriously, Why? The democrats have a talking point about the party of NO. We now know who is the […]

Amazing Election results

The truth about this election will likely not be revealed until much later in this week, not because the media are churning up the election results they want to see either. Earlier today we noticed something really strange. Political Pundits Pontificating on the state of the election. They were actually making statements like “Too Close […]