Big Top Impeachment Joke.

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The MEdia today put on a big dog and pony show with the help of democrat’s. 

All you had to do was to just watch what they were doing and you knew right away that everything they are saying is likely just not true.

Nothing about what they were saying would hold water in any court in this nation. 

They attempted to demonstrate emotional and fake guilt. 

They tried to turn words into crimes but it was not the words of the subject of the fake impeachment trial they were the words that hand picked witnesses recited and often democrats made leading statements that would never be allowed in any court of law anywhere in the world. 

Why are they doing this?

Simple they know they are going to loose the 2020 election and they just do not like it. 

What is really troubling here is that people are suffering both in this nation and in other nations all because the democrats are refusing to do anything. 

They are refusing to allow the USMCA to become the effective economic engine that would provide hundreds of thousands of jobs, create wealth and better paying jobs here and in other nations. 

The democrats are refusing to allow lower prescription medications….  

They are acting in a manner that is not consistent with the oath of office that they swore to uphold. 

This is very disturbing and could create a serious problem in the near future. 

This must stop…

IF the democrats cannot do the jobs that they swore to do then they must be removed or replaced. 

WE cannot allow this nonsense to continue…. 

The People of America see the democrats for who and what they are …