Beer Can Anger?

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People are destroying beer products in videos online?

Well yes, for those of you who may not fully understand the concept of protesting a company or product that chooses to embrace a concept that has destroyed the lives of hundreds of children.

In any meaningful and truthful examination of the behavior of large companies that promote mental illness as if it were just fine and ok we have to look at what the truth actually is here.

Gender Dysphoria DSM-5 302.85 (F64.9) This is not new information in fact it has been reported on national news shows like Fox news and other organizations.

This is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition. 

This is the accepted clinical tool for thousands of clinical practitioners around the world. 

It is a tool that is used to help doctors define the specific issues that commonly appear or that the patient presents with these issues and it is used as a way to help doctors identify these problems and get those people help before they show up at a school in Nashville TN or any other town in the US to take away the lives of innocent children and adults. 

You see this is what is wrong with big corporations promoting a mental illness as if it’s normal. 

It is not normal, people that get confused about who they are are in need of help and prayers. 

We cannot ignore the obvious issue here and that is that a young woman who was mentally ill and had decided that she was really a man and so perhaps decided to take medications that changed her body, (that might be part of what happened in Nashville) We do not have a confirmation that she was taking any life altering medications but we do know that in many of these cases of Gender Dysphoria that is indeed what happens.

We know that many of these cases of confused teens or even children end sadly and often by suicide, this is clinical fact.

WE have books published by children who have gone through this “Treatment to change” and found when they became adults that they were profoundly affected in a terrible way. Many of them are trying to warn people about how bad this is because they experienced this and they are trying to warn parents but the media do not tell this side of the story.

We have this information and we know what the truth is here It is not hard to figure this out.

This is a Beer company that is promoting the false identity of a child who was born a man as if that child is now a woman.

It is not ok to promote this idea as if it is normal because it is not normal.

People are not expressing hate by expressing their anger at this beer company.

They are expressing the idea that it is not ok for a large multi-billion dollar company to ignore medical science in favor of the idea that anything is ok.

Denying medical science in public is not ok…

It is not ok and it is not freedom of speech because a big corporation has a big mouth.

People have the freedom to do what they want to do as long as that action does not harm another person or the public.

Once your actions begin to harm other people it is no longer freedom of speech!

That is why people are upset and that is why people are protesting.

Parents are tired of the abuse of our children by large faceless corporations and the media which are also large faceless corporations.

People are tired of it and we should be tired of this insanity.

It is our children and our children’s children who are being harmed by the media and by big companies.

If we do not stand up against this attack then who will?

Make no mistake this is child abuse because it is your children that they are trying to abuse by making it seem as if it is ok to change your mind about something that God made you to be.

You can be upset with people who are protesting but you have no right to brand them as haters. You have no right to tell them to shut up…

Because when you do that what you are really saying is that you agree with the idea that its ok for children to be forced to take medications that change their little bodies forever.

When you say that a protest against child abuse is hate speech what you are really saying is that you agree with the beer company.

IF you really feel that it is ok for this kind of behavior you should read this article.

We must act to protect our children from these evil companies that are trying to make it seem cool, because that is what they are doing here. They are trying to make it seem like it’s normal but it is not normal at all and for that reason we must not remain silent.