AP A$$ociated Press Bias

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Wow, AP appears to be “Off the Reservation”

Biased News From A$$ociated Press.

If you have been living in a cave you might be a troll…

For the rest of the world, The once heralded, Associated Press has hit a new low with the abandonment of all things truth.

For years most people have recognized the bias that the AP AKA Associated Press has been using leading stories to allegedly misrepresent the truth by means of omission.

Now it looks as if the AP is now engaged in commission of material that frankly does not stand up to the smell test.

Examples include.


how the AP opened its story, “Trump budget would gut science, environment programs:”

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would gut programs for science and the environment, reflecting the Republican’s rejection of mainstream science.

Pay particular attention to that last line: “reflecting the Republican’s rejection of mainstream science.”

Another serious consideration is this

TruthRevolt reported how the AP sympathized with the jihadist who drove a truck through the Berlin Christmas market, killing twelve. The story dripped with compassion for the “desperate and drifting” Islamist just seeking a “better life in Europe.”

Tell me what part of that is “Trustworthy” Seriously…

Because I want to know…

What it looks like to most people is that the Associated Press is really just Propaganda..


  1. 1.
    information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
    “he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda”
    synonyms: informationpromotionadvertisingpublicityspin;