A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

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have you ever seen an idea that sounded so good!

Sure it happens sometimes and you think this is so good that I can’t believe

someone has not done is before!

They often use convincing arguments and they make speeches that all sound good.

But what if what they say is not really what they intend to do?

You can be sure that when a person spends years of their lives supporting a certain agenda that is what they believe in and it is who they are.

In this example here people do not suddenly change what they are all about inside they are the same person and that is what will help people see through the lies they are telling right now.

Take Jennifer Lawrence she has steadily far left and liberal causes for years and most of those have been progressive in nature.

Has she suddenly changed?

No, she has not changed because what she is doing right now is sounding reasonable.

Along with other Celebrities they sound reasonable and they seem to have a solution to a big problem.

These people are the people who hate Trump…

They may sound reasonable but is that who they really are or are they just acting like they are reasonable?

But make no mistake this is not what it appears to be at all.

There is a great sounding movement that is starting to catch on in many states. 

They have a great argument that our election process and even our congress is broken. 

They are right!

But what is really happening is that this movement is designed to replace the Republic under the constitution with a Democracy of the states. 

On the surface it sounds really good. 

They have popular celebrities that make convincing arguments about politics and those arguments sound great. 

But what they do not say in these convincing arguments is that they never mention the constitution and they talk more about democracy. 

A republic is of the people by the people for the people. 

It is what we have and it does seem like it is broken. 

But what they are suggesting here is that we abandon the constitution and create a New Democracy. 

They do not come out and say this but this is where this “movement” will end up. 

They will replace the constitution with their “Democracy” 

That democracy will serve what they want it to serve. 

The biggest clue here that this is just a clever disguise for destroying the constitution is some celebrities that have in the past and in the recent last few years been highly liberal. 

Making statements about far left ideology and then doubling down on those far left whacky policies. 

Those celebrities do not suddenly begin to have common sense No they only want to sound like it makes sense and they are on your side. 

But the truth is that they are not on your side. 

If this “idea” were to actually work they would eventually take over the constitution and institute a democracy of their own making one that they control. 

So this sounds like a real solution but in reality it is not a solution it is just another way to destroy the constitution and then they can finally destroy the rest of the United States of America who has money that says in God we trust. 

Make no mistake they want to take away the constitution because even though it is not perfect it stands in their way. 

It is made to stand in the way of tyrants that pose as something they are not because inside they are ravening wolves. 

They appear to be just another person but in reality they are the real threat. 

The propaganda is convincing but when you watch it you begin to see the small problems they have because they never mention the constitution and that is because they want to get rid of it. 

They want to destroy the constitution because it is the biggest thing that could prevent them from taking over everything including congress. 

This is a horrible thing because it sounds so reasonable. 

It sounds so good. 


It really is not good at all because when you consider these celebrities have supported liberal practices and frankly some of the most horrible things imaginable how is it suddenly that they are supporting something that sounds so reasonable?

The problem is that they only sound reasonable deep down inside they are the same people that support some terrible things including the Trans Movement. 

Don’t be fooled by how nice it sounds because in reality they are not at all interested in doing what they talk about what they want is to become your new political masters.