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  • media bias again?

    Can anyone beat the liberal media, and will Americans pay the price for evil men who have no conscious? Be very aware, we could be facing the second great depression very soon… This content was received in an email, (this contents are published here may not be the opinion of the owners of this website […]

  • judge pirro

    They say there is nothing like a woman scorned. Was pirro scorned by the Anthonys, and if so why is she allowed to spew hate on fox news? Is this woman being objective?   When you look at the insanity of an alleged maven of press, like this alleged judge, or perhaps an ex judge […]

  • Pirro biased?

    Amazing stuff folks and when you look at this woman you can almost see the alleged hatred and spittle flying from her mouth, (allegedly) So what is going on with this strange and allegedly biased coverage of fox news? is there something wrong with this so called EX judge pirro? Why always the negative?  Ask […]

  • ex judge biased

    Today you could almost allegedly see the spittle flying from this womans mouth when she allegedly spewed hate out on the so called fair and ballenced network, but is that realy accurate?   allegedly biased coverage of fox news?   Why always the negative?  Ask yourself why Fox coverage is always so negative. Is the […]