Pirro biased?

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Amazing stuff folks and when you look at this woman you can almost see the alleged hatred and spittle flying from her mouth,


So what is going on with this strange and allegedly biased coverage

of fox news?

is there something wrong with this so called EX judge pirro?

Why always the negative? 

Ask yourself why Fox coverage is always so negative.

Is the so called judge pirro, who I suspect allegedly was never really that good of a judge anyway, has been opining, on various subjects usually on the Casey Anthony case, but is she really as biased as she appears to be?

When you see this so called judge, you really have to wonder about her objectivity, simply because she rants and rants on and on and on, and it is always in a negative way, the thing is this what is up with this behavior When you look at this "woman" and you see her obvious alleged, bias, you have to wonder what is behind this behavior, I mean the woman seems to almost allegedly be expelling spittle out of our mouth like venom, it is really not very attractive and you have to ask why is this women so angry?

Allegedly everything that comes out of this woman's mouth is subjective nonsense that is filled with hate?

Is this woman really as angry as she appears to be or is it all just an act to garner more viewers?

There is apparently and allegedly a news story about how this woman and a famous bail bondsmen, who was escorted off the property of the Antony's, home, and allegedly possibly even a restraining order was issued in this case.

So what is the deal with this so called judge, or ex judge, (she seems to allegedly be more of an entertainer than a judge these days)

When you see this woman, and how she yells and screams at people that apparently she does not like, you have to wonder about the state of human behavior in this nation.

What ever happened to the idea that someone might be innocent of the charges they are accused of is that just an old thing that no one really ever believed in the first place?

The fact is that there are a lot of people who are accused but are not actually guilty, yet because of how the media is influencing the legal process it is getting really difficult to get a fair trial anywhere.