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  • Head of VA resigns

    The head of the Veterans Administration a good man by all accounts resigned in disgrace. Many feel that he failed because when he asked if things were being done they told him lies. Simple as that right but the problem is something that is a desperate problem, liars in positions of responsibility.

  • Leadership and taking action

    It seems difficult to understand how a leader can fail to take action. The man in charge of the VA appears at all outward appearances to be a caring and genuine man. The problem is that if he was this profoundly caring man, why did he fail to take action when he had the chance […]

  • Vets dying while waiting for affordable care?

    Could you soon expect to receive the same level of medical care that the Veterans get from the VA? Waiting to Die… Death Panels…

  • VA scandal more Vets abandoned?

    It is hard to imagine how health care could get any worse than it already is for our bravest men and women serving our nation and risking everything and in return we have a system of healthcare that is broken. There is controversy, but where and when will we begin to see real change and […]