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Wall to Wall Election coverage

Welcome to the Media Circus Step Right up…

Come one, Come all, See the Spectacle of the Frenzied Biased Media Apparatus.

The Press has become this mixture of Entertainment, Information and Opinion.

Right now the Media or Press or Ring Master, (circus reference)

Are desperately trying to convince voters to stay home.

One thing that is really interesting is that these great Seers are really blind and naked and they don’t know it.


Is National Public Radio NPR biased and Bigoted?

Wow, this is huge, so what exactly does this organization do now, I mean they are not alleged fair minded people at all.

What is up when a man cannot have an opinion?

Do people really believe that they have the right to tell other people how and what they can think and feel?

We really want to know because in the past we used to support this organization, with contributions, but you know what that is about to end, no longer will we be supporting NPR radio because they no longer represent, America they now represent, interests outside the United States.

Someone had better investigate soon.

Has NPR Violated the Law, regarding foreign investment in radio stations in the US.

What about FCC rules and regulations concerning Foreign money and undue influence, there are some legal considerations that would seem to be at issue here.

We need a declaratory judgment to stop the public tax dollar support going to NPR