George anthony Skum

Who was more capable of hiding evidence a veteran policeman or a 25 year old party girl?


Since the media appear to be so one sided in the presentation of this case, I was interested in watching some of the trial coverage, simply because what I am seeing and what the media is reporting are two different things.

Is George Anthony a skum bucket, is there some kind of issue here that we have a problem in this trial?

George Anthony may have allegedly worked as an undercover agent?

Was George an undercover agent and is the state of Florida allegedly trying to bend the rules of evidence by doing this?

What is going on here is the State of Florida wrong?

Is the state of florida a problem?   When you look at what they are doing, is the state of florida, causing the justice system a serious problem?

Should this case be thrown out ? 

Can Casey Anthony get a fair trial?

Amazing stuff here, apparently there are some issues, that you see this kind of thing over and over again. 

The persecution  opps, prosecution, keeps objecting over and over and over again, is it possible for this girl to get a fair trial when the state, objects to every other question allegedly over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, again over and over again, amazing stuff, 

Just watching this guy on the stand, the guy is an alleged, liar. 

I have seen a lot of liars, and this guy allegedly is a liar. over and over and over and over again. 

So really when you look at this guy, what is the first thing that you think about?

That is the real question, when you look at this guy and you see him refuse to answer questions on the stand, you have to consider the possibility that the guy is not being honest. 

The number one thing that makes me wonder about this guy is the real fact that he attempted suicide, that is the one biggest question that you have to ask yourself. 
Why did this guy try to commit suicide. 


is chuck schumer a liar?

So what up Chuckie boy…

Ol, chucky boy, still at it again, will the guy never learn how to keep his allegedly large mouth shut?

Just have to ask because it is interesting, to watch the things that they say and to listen to the things that come out of their mouths, they are alleged lies, why is what they say and what they mean are so often two different things.

Two votes to save the economy were voted down today, by the democrats, guess what the democrats, said, it was someone Else’s fault, they blame the things they do allegedly on other people.

What amazes me is that they have the Gaul, to get in front of a camera and tell lies, to people, and what is even more amazing is that they think that we are so stupid that we cant figure out the lie.

They think that we are so dumb that we cant figure out that they are the ones that are blocking a vote.

It is them, yes, it is the Chuck, Schumer’s of this world that are alleged, liars, to me it is amazing, that they think so little of what they have been given that they would think that we are not as smart as they are, because we are as smart as they are, we are smart enough to figure out when we are being lied to.

It is really as easy as knowing that it is the democrats that have been in charge of the senate and the hour and the white house for the last two years, and it is the democrats that have been in charge of the senate and the house for the last six years.

Yes, you hear it correctly, the democrats have been in charge of the house and the senate for the last six years, and they think that we are so stupid that we cannot add four plus two and get six.

To me that is the most insulting thing, they say that republicans are at fault but they are the ones that are in charge.

What is even funnier, is that when the republicans take over the house in January, the democrats will still blame everything on the republicans.