apology mistake

News media black out

Fox news makes big mistake, forgets where they came from…

Will it cost them, the answer is yes it will, if fox news continues down the trail they are currently on, (liberal positions in the news media)

They are just another Lying Liberal publication, nothing special, but if they go back to what made them special, well then things might change.

I have been a loyal Fox news viewer, since the election of 2000, but that is about to change, over the weekend one of the most important news stories of this decade was ignored by Fox news in favor of the Anniversary, of Hurricane Katrina.

Now folks that is the biggest Goof in journalistic history.

Yes the so called Fair and Balanced news company could not get the job done.

Get out your flash lights, because it is getting really dark in the world of TV, including now Cable news, like Fox news which did not cover, this event while having no problem covering all kinds of stuff, including the Mosque, but nothing to do with Christian faith.

You know what, that is really stupid at least on Fox news, because they claim to be Fair and Balanced, but they are not.

They are Biased, and as Biased as any of the other Squirrel, shows out there.

There has been a news media black out that will be felt all across this nation, when former viewers, begin to stop buying products that are advertised on these liberal stations, and for the first time since 2000 Fox news has fallen into alleged disarray.

They failed, to cover, an even with an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 American Voters, from all walks of life, from all races.

Yet, it was not news for the liberals.

Millions of Americans watched it, Sarah Palin was there, along with many thousands of guests, and hundreds of thousands of people, the media has distorted this from the start.

with comments like this,

“The two champions of the tea party movement spoke from the very spot where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech 47 years ago. Some civil rights leaders who have denounced Beck’s choice of a venue staged a rival rally to honor King.”

Source, yahoo news, so much for real news,

This is a LIE, they were near the spot but not at the same spot, seems the liberals have no fact checkers, but is that anything new?

No not at all.

Find out what you missed.

I would not have thought that Fox would have been such Cowards about this subject, but apparently they are no longer fair and balanced, because if they were they would cover this story and not ignore it, that was just stupid, I suspect that once the advertisers start to go the stock values will go south fast,

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Chris Wallace biased?

Is Fox news really as fair as they Say they are?

In many ways it appears that history does in fact repeat, but why is that, when Fox news has been so successful, why would they now seek to emulate the failures of the old Giants, the ones that used to be big but are now taking a back seat to cable programming simple because of the sheer number of subscribers, cable is now larger than broadcast.

Is this True? allegedly, you can just watch the guy and see how he is sometimes, not very fair in the way he talks to people he interviews.

In this industry this is known as Bias, I am not afriad to say it here because I have seen it I have been a witnesses, and personally seen this on TV.

This is a terrible thing for a man to do to a woman, on national TV, this guy acts like an alleged, emo

Is fox news not really fair and balanced like they claim to be?

well you can read it yourself, and if you missed, it you really should see how biased the video appeared to be.

Wallace might have been smiling but his choice of words was not very nice, we noticed that he appeared to be batting for the left, in a network that advertises they are fair and balanced, we were puzzled about his choice of invective.

Yesterday I watched, Chris Wallace, interview Sarah Palin, and I noticed right away that his technique for interviewing her was not normal…

What I mean by that is that Fox news, “claims” to be Fair and Balanced, yet, the tone of the Wallace/Palin interview, was definitely from the left side of the equation, now it is really difficult to defend this, because I saw it, and it was not fair, nor was it balanced, it was obvious to me that the Interviewer, was adding and using adjectives, into the questions, which were laced, with emotion charged, invectives, now that is something that the left does all the time, in fact, in a recent opinion piece, seen on one of the other networks, the female lead, spewed, hatred, and bile, it was a real turn off, it was like watching a cat fight, where, each animal was hissing, and baring their teeth, it was in fact, very unprofessional, which is why they have such dismal ratings.

So why is Chris Wallace, stooping to the level of confirmed idiots?

I have to ask where do these people come off with this type of Unprofessional journalistic, ideas, when Chris Wallace, interviewed, now President Obama, he did ask some hard questions, in a soft ball way, but he was fair, he did not put any level of bias into it, I looked at the transcripts, for this interview and while the questions were difficult they were not biased.

So I have to ask, why did Wallace, treat Sarah Palin, the way he did?

It was not only disrespectful and biased, (in my opinion and allegedly) But it was Un professional, and something that I would expect to be watching on NBC, instead of Fox news, I would love to see the transcript on that on, and in fact, I will look for it, but I expect not to find it, because that interview, was not fair and balanced, and I would not blame Sarah Palin if she stopped doing interviews, on Fox, thanks, Chris.

You know Journalism has reached an all time low, when an interviewer cannot stop him or her self from peppering their questions with Bias, it is the main reason that Fox news has become so popular, the idea that people could get a fair coverage of a particular event, not total opinion, but hard news.

This was not hard news, but opinion and it was not only unfair, but it was unbalanced.

This may not come as a surprise to many however, it seems a little strange, to see this guy on TV, talking from a liberal view point, and you can argue all you want but the guy said some stuff to Sarah Palin in an interview, that just smacked of liberal politics.

We can see the polls indicate that liberal politics are on the decay, in fact ad revenue must certainly be falling, as fast as the ratings for NBC, (allegedly)


Tea Party marks wins in many races…

This just in folks the Tea party has secured several more victories, contrary to the state run media outlets, that have been known to allegedly not tell the whole truth about most any subject including the color of the sky at any given time of day or night.

So in at least one very wrong news story, it was incorrectly reported that the Tea Party lost when they actually won.

Apparently there is no end to the lies and outright alleged evil tactics that the left will stoop to in order to lie to the American people, this is very disturbing, I mean if someone said that the sky was purple and blue with pink angels flying all around apparently some people would believe it because they have been conditioned to believe anything they see on TV.

The truth is that only a small percentage of what you see on TV is actually accurate.

This includes Fox news, which until recently was allegedly fair and balanced, but now is sort of moving toward the left as its predecessors have done and have failed to achieve anything useful.

The big names have been loosing money for the last 5 years, increasing in amounts until some say they may not be able to last for much longer.

So one has to ask why are they alleged to be receiving perhaps, funds from some sources so they can continue to produce what is really nothing more than a sad and alleged lies so that only a few Americans will believe.

You really have to wonder what is wrong with them.

Then you see Fox news hire away all the talent from the big three, then they start leaning left, surprise, Did you not think that would happen when you hire left leaning people and put them all in a room together that means it is no longer fair and balanced.

Apparently and allegedly, Fox news does not care, which is just like those that came before it, same thing different day now.

Unless they change, which it is starting to look like they just dont care about changing they want to be like the failures of the past then let them go ahead and fail, we could care less, because even Bill is not doing what he used to do instead allegedly lying to the public about topics of fact, and saying what is obvious to everyone else but apparently he just does not get it.

The truth is that if Fox news keeps on this track they will fail and then what, it will be just another left leaning Rag just like the others.

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Harry Reid, Vote him out of office

The liberals think that most of America is just stupid, they think they can do what ever they want and they will still be elected.

This November a message needs to come from the people to let those people know that they are in a position of authority only because the people will it, and they have ignored the people.

This is it folks, it is time to vote harry out of office, because he no longer represents america, allegedly, you can see by his behavior and the commercials on TV, that they are scared, yes they are and they should be prepared to loose in this election.

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Liberal media hype?

Is the media telling the truth or are they liars?

Do you believe everything you see on TV?

Is the liberal media lying to you?

Why is it that so many of the liberal media, seems to be so far to the left of Americans in this country?

You can see it in their stories, allegedly some of which are so bent that they hardly resemble a news story at all but a provocative, enabler, of propaganda.

You look at the title of a story and you say this is what our media is like today, smearing Americans that do not agree with their point of view?

Is that what it really means to be a reporter these days, to have a political slant so biased that they are not capable of producing a real news story?

We ask these questions, because it seems clear, that for one thing the media has made a real error in judgment.

They still think that most people will believe anything they see on TV, like in the early 1960s the prevailing theory was this, ” If it is on TV it must be true ” These days, it is just the opposite, I have seen so called news stories that are so biased that they cannot really be called a news story at all.

This is disturbing…

Not only because most Americans are actually smart enought to figure it all out, (even thought some news companies seem to think were all too stupid to be able to figure anything out unless they tell us how to think)

The trouble with this type of theory, is that not only is it wrong…

But, it is wrong…

Americans now have access to the internet, which means that can choose, no longer are they dependent on only three networks which all seem to tell the same story in the same words.

Now there is cable and radio, which is not controlled by these old behemoths, of the past, in fact they are so far into the past that they seem to think that people will believe what ever you tell them to believe, the problem with that is that it is a lie, it is not true.

People are now educated, in part because of the Internet, and in part because we now have a choice, back in the old days, we did not have a choice, it was one of the big three or nothing.

For what ever reason, the alleged, biased news media are making huge mistakes because the American people are not stupid, and conversely, those people that still advertise, on these old companies, understand this, and they are moving to other outlets, that are not so biased that they offend everyone that watches them.

They know that eventually no one will be watching these old time, lost in time, networks.

People would be well understand that some of these shows, are nothing more than just a puppet show and just turn it off, people are tired of being treated like stupid children, they days of old are just that old.

It is time to move into the future and that means that broadcast television may have to be put down, mostly and it is a shame that some old things cannot make the change to be updated to the current path that the rest of the world have come to understand and respect is what has happened, to so many other companies that just refused to be a part of the future they cling to their past, because back then it was easy to fool the people and lie to the people.

Now, we are so much more than the sum of our minds, we are Americans and that means that we have a choice.

arrogant america

Arizona has a legal law

Looks like the liberals have finally read the bill and they see that it is legal, amazing right who would have thought that a state like Arizona could actually make its own laws?

When will the liberals get it? States have rights under the constitution, its called the Tenth Amendment, it is legal, it is constitutional, and it is supported by the people of arizona…

So what part of states rights and the tenth amendment, do the liberals not get? We have a ten page or so law that is constitutionally sound and if the liberals, who apparently want to destroy america, from the inside out, without firing a shot…


If they had bothered to read the law they would see that it is not a problem at all but we have liberals that are going on TV and inciting riots…

What is wrong with people that do that, I mean who does that kind of thing and still calls himself a leader of a nation?

No one does, because, inciting riots is wrong even if you are a government official…

Wrong is Wrong…