Tax increase?

While most may be against this the main reason they are against a tax increase is that the money in the past has been wasted.

Well some may say that hey we cannot do a tax increase, the fact may be that we might need to consider some changes to the Tax, code, it is full of loopholes for the wealthy corporations, so a flat tax would be a good thing, however, the one huge problem is that you have to have control before Americans will be willing to Chip in on bailing out Washington.

There has been a lot of money wasted, and that is one reason why people are against raising taxes.

If Washington could design an iron clad, (if you waste money in congress then you go to jail) because that is the problem, the problem is not the people, the problem is in Washington.  The only way that we can overcome this crisis, and this time it is a real crisis, is to develop a plan that shows where every dime goes and it will guarantee that not one dime will be wasted on ART work that no one likes.

We must have an Assurance that not one dime will be wasted to support Biased, Radio, or TV stations.

That is the only way that Americans will Chip in to stop the problems we have.

Americans are generous, they are resilient, they are the best of the best in charity and caring for those who are less fortunate.

Americans have given more to help other nations when they needed help than any other nation in the world, yet, we see that no one else does as much as America does.  We must do the right thing, but we also must find a way to make sure that revenue is not wasted.

I think that the President is right that we really do need to chip in, here, but I also think that we have to be responsible with the money that is raised, and we need to put that money into an account where every single dime is monitored, watched, and tagged, so that nothing is wasted. 


It has to be this way or else it will be wasted and most people will not want to help.

We can make a difference and we can over come these problems, but we must be responsible, we must be reasonable, we must not waste the money because when you look at all the waste that there is already and there is a huge amount of waste, it is something that we have to fix, and cutting defense is not an option, that needs to be dismantled.

Revenue really is the way forward, but it must be combined with a plan of action and a plan to not waste anything of what is developed, the funny thing is that you could take all the campaign funds of all the candidates and make a huge dent in the debt.

But we are still selling out to special interests, we are still selling out to insurance companies, we are still selling out to the wants of the few, on the backs of the many.

This must end, we cannot value large corporation that pay no taxes, yet receive all the benefits as if they did pay tax.

A plan is what we need.


fox news comentator says mac and cheese is killing kids?

Update Ronald Mcdonald may be to blame?

Oh, My, Lions Tigers and Bears,  Oh my MAC and cheese is killing our children, Oh my.

Folks, we just heard this on TV that MAC and Cheese kills children if that is true, then it is too late, because back in the 1960s to even today kids have been eating MAC and cheese and they are still alive. The thing I am concerned with is this, if MAC and cheese kills kids then we do not need schools any more and if we dont need schools anymore than we dont need teachers, and if we dont need teachers anymore then we dont need unions either.


But all in all what makes more sense, that MAC and cheese kills children or that we dont need liberals telling us what we can eat and what we cannot eat? What we need is common sense and not this ignorance that we see on some TV stations. Imagine that, Mac and Cheese killing kids, really fox news, shame on you for having that idiot on TV in the first place. If I had not just seen this on TV I would have just laughed but they actually had this nut case on TV talking about how kids were all getting fat and that they would all die (allegedly) if this is true we must act now, call before midnight for your free Elvis collection.


Operators are standing by… There are times when you have to just shut off someone microphone more so when they are stupid, because you cant fix stupid. While we may need some guidance in eating good food we do not need the white-house telling us what foods to eat not when they consume more lobster than a small country on a weekly basis. When they start eating the same food as the rest of us eat then I will be glad to listen to what they have to say. Until then if your eating at the most prestigious restaurants in town then I don’t want to hear what you have to say about eating the right food.