Tag: Stranger Than Fiction

  • Imagine what would happen if

    Is Glenn Beck crazy or is he right… The truth may be stranger than fiction, Glenn Beck may sound a little off his rocker and he might sound a little dramatic… But what if he is right.

  • to debate or not to debate?

    That is the question… The media would have you believe that the most important qualification for political office is the ability to debate on Television. The truth is far from that and as usual the media have managed to at leastattempt to convince most of the viewing public that debating is the numberone consideration in…

  • debt crisis lies?

    Is there really not a debt crisis? The truth may be stranger than fiction in this case we have Trillions of spending, that everyone fully 94 percent of the American public allegedly agree cannot be sustained for even a moment longer.  Everyone with any kind of common sense at all knows that we cannot continue…