class warfare the media and bias reporting

What happened to the days of real reporting free of bias?

To tell you the truth I cannot remember when I last saw real reporting designed to bring the news to the consumer of the news.

Why are the media so invested in developing a bias that creates consumer back lash because when you look at this situation from a logical standpoint you have to realize and understand that the Media do not get paid without advertisers, right?

Why would advertisers pay for advertising when the customers they hope to reach out to and sell products to are being treated as if they have no brain and are stupid, what if you stood out in front of your furniture business and yelled at everyone as they were getting out of their cars and said dont come in here your going to be lied to and your going to be ripped off.

What do you think would happen?

Yet Advertisers are being treated badly just as customers are being treated badly.

Bias in the media effects everyone, but first it effects the advertisers, then the consumers, finally the stock holders of the media company that is engaging in poor reporting at the expense of its stock holders.

When you look at this situation you have to wonder what they are doing and why they are doing this.

We have a democratic party that seems bent on a course of action that will divide this nation some are even saying that civil unrest is coming.

With leadership comes responsibility no longer may we allow the views of the minority of people, (less than 2 percent of Americans think like this)

to dictate to everyone how our lives must be lived, we must vote in November we must find a way to get out of the house and vote if you do not have a ride call a friend.

¬†We must protect our nation against media that act improperly in situations of our freedom and most importantly the freedom of our children to enjoy the same opportunities that we enjoyed…

The media have no right to take our freedom and play games with it as if they own us like slaves.

We are not the slaves of the media any longer.

It is time to vote in November, ignore the lying cowards that the media have become and vote.

Ask you neighbor if they are going to vote they will tell you if they need a ride.

We must stick together because a small percentage of the public are trying to ruin this nation.

Vote in 2012…

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AOL Biased by liberals

Is AOL now a biased news company as it is suggested by the headline reported below on fox business new?

Some Advertisers Are Already Freaking Out About AOL’s New “Liberal” Bias

I think the answer to that question is perhaps not to be found on a website or even on AOL but in their quarterly financial statement, which will tell the true tale about how many Americans are actually left of center and how many voting Americans are right of center, most of all the polling data solidly suggests that America is actually center of right, yet we have so many small minded news companies that seem to either not care what everyone wants or they just think they are smarter than anyone else and everyone else is just too dumb to think for themselves.

Either way it adds up to something that I know a fair number of my friends that have been on AOL for years will soon be up to canceling their accounts at AOL, simply because they are not left of center.

All in all the overly cinematic, published post of the Huff and I will Puff Arianna Huffington, seem to show that AOL is willing to risk its Advertising base to see just how far they can push the envelope.

I suspect they will find that in the real world moving to the left will not be a welcomed move for many of its customers or of its advertisers, and last but not least its stock holders.

I wonder what Aol is trading at today?

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Health care or Insurance reform?

Last year the congress went against the will of the American people, they pushed through a plan that may be not only illegal but also unconstitutional.

We simply cannot allow this to happen, We need insurance reform not health care reform, our health care is the best in the world, so why try to fix something that is not broken, what is broken is insurance companies, they handle the money and profit at the expense of the patient, if the money paid into insurance companies were used to actually benefit patient care, instead of benefiting a board of directors and stock holders then we would not be facing the problems we have. The issue is that we have multiple businesses and companies that all want to profit, Drug companies, Pharmacies, Political special interests and more.

This is not the way it should be, yet, we still face the same problems as before, this is because we let the fox into the hen house, as country folk would say, you cannot expect to see a real change when you allow special interests to design the laws and the result has been chaos, we need reform but not deform.

chase Politics

Chase Bank are they Cowards?

You have to ask, when you see the minority who in all honesty really dont care about if a Christmas tree is present or not, run a bank?

No, this is not right, and you do have a choice, you can find another bank, simple solution to problems like this, because if a bank is being run by alleged, morons, like this alleged bank, then perhaps your money would be safer somewhere else.

What Grinches, they are, (allegedly)
will it be Chase that stole Christmas, (allegedly) you know it sort of just makes you sick to see these PC cowards at work.

Then when the light of day is shined up on the slime bucket distracting pieces of trash, they start making excuses, were not anti Christmas, Oh really, then what are you, besides trash? (allegedly)

What were they thinking, that a few people were more important than the rest of those that support the bank?
What kind of silly thinking is this, what kind of lunacy does it take to consider life on these terms?

Could it be true that this bank would allegedly offend 91 percent of all Americans that celebrate Christmas?

is this anti Christmas? and if you believe, the PR Spin, they are putting out there I have some swamp land in Arizona to sell you. hey if your even slightly for this type of garbage by a bank that depends on the holiday season to pay its bills, what a deal.

What is wrong with a Bank that acts contrary to its stock holders best interests.

Why is this bank doing this is it because they are allegedly indebted to the government?

In what could be said to be an act of Cowardice, we see that in Texas the heart of what most people consider yes, Christmas territory, we have a news story that is amazing, to learn that a bank, allegedly Chase, has ordered that a Christmas tree be removed from a bank, Last I looked this is Still America, I know that hope and change is coming, but I sure hope that this change might be positive not an act of a coward.

In this nation some 93 percent celebrate Christmas in some form, in fact banks like chase stand to make quite a lot from the buying and selling, and yes financing of gifts.

In a nation where people spend often thousands of dollars on “Christmas” It makes no sense that a bank would do something so yes, “Stupid”

What if all the people who celebrate Christmas removed the money from Chase bank?

How long would it be before they went bankrupt?

Less than one week, allegedly,

Let us play the Devils Advocate, here, what if no one spent any money on Christmas, it is after all what the atheists, and anyone else who does not celebrate Christmas wants to happen.

What if no one spent any money on this, what if we just all stopped celebrating this Christmas because it might offend someone.

What if he hid in a hole in the ground, and wait for our enemies, to destroy us.
Do you think they will have mercy on a Coward?

How did that work out for Saddam Hussein, or what ever his name was, seems like they hung him, if I remember correctly, he was not offending anyone in that hole in the ground he was hiding in was he?

So why did they drag him out of there and treat him like a war criminal well that is what he was, his cowardice did not serve him in the end just as the actions of cowards never do in the end.

No, they will not, nor will nature, have mercy on animals that act in fear and cowardice.

The very idea that we have cowards at Chase is disturbing, and stupid, I hope they wake up and do something positive about this issue.