Benghazi Will we ever know the truth?

It would seem that the idea of having a transparent process has not happened, much like shovel ready projects allegedly never happened.



The Cant Win List

Can anyone win against the media?

Update, It is becoming very clear that Mitt Romney is not able to become president…

In fact if you listen to the media and you actually believe all the trash they shovel on a daily basis, no one can win…

  Yes the media continue to give lavish coverage of this man, when it is becoming more obvious than ever….

The media apparently still has not learned that people are not as ignorant as in the past. While it is obvious that there is a small percentage of people that believe everything they are told, that percentage is shrinking and the media have not figured that out yet. This will make you laugh, so be prepared to grin at how the media view you. The Media tries to use reverse psychology on you, by pushing certain candidates that cannot win (and they know it) So who is on this list, well the top person who should allegedly be on this Cant win list is.

1. newt gingrich 
2.  ron paul 
3.  rudy giuliani 
4.  mike huckabee 
5.  Mitt Romney 
6. Tim Pawlenty
7. Jon Huntsman,
Former U.S. Ambassador to China

Jon may talk a good political game, but sadly, he cannot win, just look at the mess we are in with China right now?

Do you want that kind of mess for every nation on the face of the planet, then vote for Jon,
if you want real hope and change, then vote for anyone else.

The Media tries to use double reverse Psychology, by pretending to push certain candidates while hoping those candidates will not run. The Media seems to be involved in a lot of what is called politics, they are like the troll living under the bridge waiting for an unsuspecting pilgrim to wander across the bridge. I know its sort of odd to see this type of thing, because in the past the Media has tried to create this idea that they are your friends, and in the past perhaps that was true, with the baby boomer generation and the days when TV went off after 10 PM at night, those days are gone forever, but it is really ignorant to consider that along with all those changes that the audience, the consumers, the customers, the clients have not changed?

The thing is we have changed simply because we no longer are entirely dependent upon the media for our news. We can get multiple news sources from multiple places, all over the world, we are no longer limited to the 5PM news story and that my friends is a very good thing when you begin to look at the way that the media has tried to influence not only the outcome of elections but also public opinions by using psychology and keywords they try to intimidate the public into believing what they think we should believe, it was a powerful plan of action back in the 1970s but today, thirty year in the past, that idea is just not working any more. No longer are we subject to simply tricks of psychology, we have evolved beyond that type of intimidation so the media is slowing trying to figure out how they can change their stripes, but can they really do what they think they can do, influence the outcome of elections and more importantly should they be doing that at all. The problem is that people are just not that stupid if we ever were and what is even more interesting is the very real fact that with out consumers, no advertisers would ever pay a fee to advertise on a broken media outlet, so really who is smarter now?


Too little Too Late?

Will we find the courage to stand up for what is right in this nation?

Is it really too little too late, can we expect a different result this time, after three attempts have failed, can we expect a different result this time, have you watched gone with the wind and hoped that somehow it would be different this time, perhaps but you know in the back of your mind, that no, it will be the same thing in the end, the famous line will be rendered, frankly my dear, ….

Received in an email, (may not be the opinion of the owners of this website or its affiliates, admin, ect)

Dear Patriot,

I can’t believe what’s happening in this country! The news yesterday so clearly highlights the disparity between reality and the narrative that the big government propaganda machine is pushing, how can you do anything but shake your head in disbelief? On the same day that President Obama gave his ridiculous “jobs” speech, we were greeted by this headline “FBI Issues Search Warrants at California Solar Firm Touted by Obama.” The story here is that Solyndra took more than $500 million dollars from Obama to “create jobs” by making solar panels but,despite the giant fortune funneled to them from the federal government, they suddenly went completely out of business.

Despite this evidence that his big spending policies have epically failed, despite the promises that there were “shovel ready jobs” that Obama later joked about by saying, “shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected,” despite the other false promises that the first trillion they stole would upgrade our infrastructure and keep unemployment under 8%, despite the overwhelming evidence that nearly a trillion dollars worth of American treasure was completely wasted in the first stimulus, this President had the audacity to demand that Congress immediately pass another half a trillion dollars worth of stimulus.

Over and over again, Obama and his band of thieves have robbed the American people in broad daylight and this latest job proposal is just another blatant example. They don’t even have enough creativity to change their lies or their methods; it’s the same scam with the same empty promises and procedures. This proposal is SIMPLE THEFT and if we allow them to screw us again, it will signal that the ideal of America liberty has taken its last breath.

The Tea Party helped elect Republicans in 2010 in order to provide a check on Obama’s brand of tyranny, but this message from Speaker John Boehner does little to instill confidence that they got the message: “The proposals the President outlined tonight merit consideration. We hope he gives serious consideration to our ideas as well…”

This proposal does not deserve even the smallest amount of consideration. This Congress was elected in 2010 with the mandate to put a check on Obama’s tyranny and apparently they didn’t get the message. Using our petition system it will only take you a couple of moments to send a letter to your elected representatives letting them know that this proposal is nothing more than another thieving scam, and that you are paying attention. Please demand that not only do they not pass this bill, that they don’t even debate it.

Using our state-of-the-art petition system makes it quick and easy to make your voice heard, please take a few minutes to participate. *There is no contribution required to use our system but your generous contribution does allow us to continue to offer this service to everyone free-of-charge!

Thank you,

Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

P.S. We absolutely must have sheer numbers to kill the bill! Please share this email with a friend using this link: Forward this message to a friend


shoval ready jobs?

The Term Shovel ready jobs made the scene some time ago when the so called stimulus, was to create jobs that were already waiting for someone to come along and go to work, what is puzzling is that after more than one year it was finally admitted that there were no shovel ready jobs, so one thing that we are wondering is why the media has not reported on what happened to the money.

Where is the money, that these so called non existent shovel ready jobs where money was spent to bring about these projects?

An accounting of what happened to that money is in order and it is interesting that no media outlet has covered this topic.

Where is the 350 billion in TARP funds that was never spent.

What happened to all that money, people want to know, because when you start talking about how your going to have to cut people that barely have enough money to buy food to eat, and you start talking about how your going to have to cut funds to projects that effect the elderly, people want to know where is all that money going?


President Obama, in the right

So why are the liberals fighting against the President, it cannot be because they have any reason to believe that the American people support them because the polls, and in fact the mid term election was not only a repudiation, of the tactics, of the left, the ideas of the left, the ignorance of the left, so why embrace the lie?

Get rid of the stupid liberals that are trying to be scrooges, allegedly.

In a clear expression of doing the right thing President Obama made a decision, it was a decision that was right for the American people and the Economy.

It was the right decision because it helped unemployed people stay connected to a source of money through the holiday season, Christmas for those that dare, it was a win win situation.

So why, are the liberals in congress and the senate talking trash?

If the Tax cut for everyone, works like the republicans, say it will then the economy will rebound.

President Obama Wins, because he stood up for the American people.

If the tax cut fails and the economy slumps then the democrats can say ” We told you this would not work”

and in that case the President wins.

So why all this crying and bawling, you just have to wonder are they really out there whining and pewling like a prating child.

If President Obama moves to the right and does the right thing like this time it will be almost impossible to defeat him, but if he does as the liberals want then he will be defeated in 2012, it is really all about doing the right thing for the country.

No more special interests.

No more Union sweet heart deals, (they have grown fat on the sacrifices of others)

No more shovel ready projects.

It is time to consider the people of the USA, do that and you cannot fail.

So stick to it Mr President, because it is the right thing to do for the people and if those that detract now, do not see nor understand that, then they will be voted out, it is people that makes this country what it is, without the people you have nothing.