Media is the opposition

The Media have chosen to become the opposition to what America Stands for…

They have chosen to be what would have been offensive to their past brothers who now likely roll in their graves knowing the level of foolishness and ignorance they continually display in the bias they show every day.

More than that they insult the intelligence of everyone while pretending to be the voice of conscious.

Want to know even more…


Tired of watching the speaker of the house roll over?

Apparently there are a lot of people that are sick and tired of the speaker of the house playing ball with the other side and allowing the DEMONcrats, to get away with anything they want, believe it or not they think that because they won by less than two percentage points that it somehow means that they won and now they get what ever they want even if the people that voted for them get nothing. 

Its sick and its dangerous and its time to replace failed leadership in the house. 

  Compromise is more than just words it is measured in deeds and this speaker of the house has not fulfilled his duty. 

Ok so tell me this when you have this kind of nonsense going on why do we have to put up with idiots when we need real leaders. 


Megyn Kelly

So is it intimidating, only if your black but not white?

In the opening roll of this video you see that powers, tries to reverse the psychology a typical liberal plow to muddy the water, she states, Im sorry that you would treat poor little me this way on the air, (paraphrase and what she really meant) in other words the liberal play book is that when you have an untenable position, one that you cannot defend, (because your wrong) then deflect, and dont answer the question, in this case, it was infuriating that powers, would not admit that she was just wrong, intimidating is the same for white as black so in this case, the failure of the justice system to act, was a slap in the face of all America.

I like it that Megyn deflated the liberals playbook so quickly, by simply stating have you read the testimony in the case presented, ( powers tried again to deflect ) but Megyn was having none of it.

And then faced with the abject failure of the liberal play book, powers does what all liberals do, she blamed bush.

Amazing video, unlike just about any other video you will see online, amazing stuff here.